Monday, 2 May 2011

Melbourne :)

Just a quick post before I pass out in bed. I got back from my jam packed and fun filled 3 day Melbourne trip this afternoon.

My flight arrived on Saturday morning and it was such a beautiful day in Melbourne!

Miss Chloe & ticking off our itinerary :P

First stop was DFO Moorabbin. Hello, new leather jacket and, Mimco headbands and various other goodies (post on purchases later)

Our belated 3pm lunch was at Springvale. Pho time!

Coconut juice

Best pho ever


And then it was road trip to Mornington Peninsula

It was such a nice drive there, with pretty views

Next up is chocolate, chocolate & more chocolate!

Stay tuned...


Corrina said...

Sounds like you had the best time! Looking forward to your purchases posts, and the chocolate of course! x

Immashoesaddict said...

OMGGGGGGG NINJA PICS?? lol bahahahahhaha cheeky you taking pics of me and le itenary hahahahaha XOXOX had blast with you <3

Sammy said...

i miss springy!!

♥ Pixie D ♥ said...

Welcome to melbourne =D!!
I like going to Mornington too* there is awesome in summer! but also good for fishing, winery n riding =D!

(p.s. ahhh, were those beefs in the 'best pho ever' raw @_@!?))

Grace said...

Weekend trip to melbourne! Jealous :) I kept an itinerary when I went too, but somehow, by the end of the trip my list of things to do was even longer than when we first started out haha melbourne is so much fun

mashi said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. Cant wait till you post your purchases x

Heart-shaped Happiness said...

ohh welcome to my neck of the woods! i live on the mornington peninsula :D

missklicious said...

Corrina - It was sooo much fun! I'm posting about my purchases and chocolate verrrrry soon ;)

Imma - HAHAH I'm ze best at ninja pics :P Yes, you and the itinerary "tick tick tick" so cute! xoxo

Sammy - The pho was awesome there!

Pixie D - Thanks hun, Mornington Peninsula is so beautiful, I want to go back and visit all the wineries! And yes, the beef in pho is raw to start with, but it gets cooked by the hot soup. I just took the pic before I dunked them in the soup :P

Grace - Hahah, I think that's what happened to us as well! We didn't get to do a few things on the itinerary but that's definitely marked for next time, along with heaps of stuff we saw on the way, and things we visted but were so great I'd still want to do them again the next time!

mashi - It was fantastic. Love Melbourne!

Heart-shaped Happiness - Lucky you :)