Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Melbourne Purchases

Ok, so this post is a bit overdue, since my Melbourne trip was a few weeks ago now. Times flies so fast! Well, I guess I can finally catch up on my blog posts since I'm stuck at home sick for the forth day in a row... fun times!

Anyway, back to Melbourne goodness:

So I got a bit over excited and wore all my new stuff that I purchased the previous day...

One of the first things I bought was this pretty lilac dress from Mossman

I love the cute fluttery sleeves

I'm not really a watch wearer, but was 'influenced' into buying these 2 watches *cough C cough*, I couldn't resist the cute colours


I'll have to start remembering to use them, as more often than not, even though I'm wearing a watch, I'll just whip up my phone when I need to know the time out of habit

I love the pastel blue colour of this dress - I don't have much blue in my wardrobe so it's a welcome addition!

Leather jacket from Elwood - buttery soft lamb's leather <3 and it was discounted to $99 from $399, bargain!

Really great for 'toughening' up overly pretty pieces which I seem to have a lot of

Zebra print bikini from Fleur Wood - not that I need any more bikinis but I guess you can't have too many! I love the little starfish dangling off the ties. So cute.

Lacy top from Dotti - I also bought this in black and a few other basic tops and things, not really post worthy.

And off to the Tutankhamun exhibition we went!

It was a great exhibition, very interesting but I think by the end of 2 very crazily packed days we were quite exhausted, so the crowds were a bit overwhelming (though they were pretty civilised!)

I had to get something from the souvenir shop...

Trinket box - perfect for storing bits and pieces, I've put all my rings into it :)


Joelyne said...

oh yay for melbourne! love your purchases!

the sydney girl

p.s. Just letting you know I have a giveaway going on if you're interested! X


Great purchases!

That leather jacket is a bargain.

missklicious said...

Joelyne - Melbourne is all kinds of awesome. Thanks for the heads up re: giveaway :)

XOVINTAGELOVE - Thanks, I can't believe how much it was reduced by!

sugarpuffi said...

the exhibition is definitely on my to go list! i love museums but that doesnt make me sound very kool.
love your lilac dress! its purrrrdy

Corrina said...

Oooh I love all your purchases! That purple dress is so pretty and looks gorgeous on you! What an awesome bargain you got on that jacket! And omigosh your watches are beautiful, i'm so jealous hehe!!! Great buys!

MissPiggy said...

We went to that exhibition too but that crowds nearly killed me! Cute dresses - I bought a dress in Melbs too...not as cute as yours though.

Monica Kosasih said...

great purchase,looks like you had lots of fun there :D

jamie-lee said...

Aww you got some really cute purchases in Melbourne. Ahh travel envy! lol

arsyparsy said...

Love everything you bought! that lilac dress looks absolutely adorable on you!!!!

missklicious said...

sugarpuffi - Go go go! Museums are totally cool. Hehe and thanksss :D

Corrina - Thank you, I adore the dress!!

MissPiggy - The crowds were irritating, but definitely not as bad as Sydney museum crowds (who border on aggressive) Ahh Melbourne is definitely the place to shop!

Monica - It was great fun :)

jamie-lee - Thanks, dw I always get travel envy too :P

arsyparsy - Thanks hun :)

Immashoesaddict said...

<------------- INNOCENT - ish LOL LOL !!!!! watch twins ;)

Immashoesaddict said...

and damn the regrowth on my hair in the pic :P <3 miss you babeeeeeeee