Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sweet things @ Via Del Corso - Westfield Sydney

I've only heard good things about Makmak macarons so I had to give them a go on my last trip to Via Del Corso at Westfield Sydney food court on level 5.

Pretty macarons

My sweet fix for the weekend - tarts and Makmak macarons

Raspberry yoghurt

Strawberry Shortcake - burnt butter buttercream with a fresh burst of strawberry jelly

Pavlova - Summery coconut ice with a passionfruit mango jelly centre

Salted Caramel


I had a craving for something tangy so I bought this lemon tart, it was OK, but it wasn't as tart or citrusy as I was expecting (this might be because my tastebuds are out of whack due to being sick though...)

Coconut and pineapple tart


MissPiggy said...

So far I've avoided this place on my two trips to Westfield...good for my waist line, but not so good for my tastebuds!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

So purty... Mero Mero up there also seems to have a lot of macarons

mashi said...

Sounds sooo yummy. I could do with another macaron right now. Been so snowed under with work and study lately =(

missklicious said...

MissPiggy - It can't be avoided forever :P I quite like all the new restaurants that have popped up there recently too, must make time to try them out!

Tina - Yes, I noticed those too. I think I'll eventually get around to trying them, I get sidetracked by all the goodies at Via Del Corso and now the Becasse Bakery too!

mashi - Aww, you can have some of mine :D