Monday, 13 June 2011

Rings, rings, rings!

Diva had one of those $5 sales again, and I got these rings:

This cold weather means I've been stuffing my face like crazy.

Cookie crunch Pocky... soo good!

Pastries make the best weekend breakfast/brunch

Apricot danish

Custard sugar lips

Sour citrus gummies from Sweetness the Patisserie


arsyparsy said...

Omg!!!!!!!! So many cute rings, nooo don't do this to me haha I walked past diva telling myself that there were no good things on sale, now i have to go back! I'm never seen those sour gummies before! they look so good!!

mashi said...

I recently made a bee line to the Lovisa sale and nabbed quite a few bargain pieces too. Love your Diva selection.

I'm hungry looking at all those pastries and sour gummies.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Oh, I haven't had Pocky since I demolished my stash from HK. Love the almond chocolate one :P

missklicious said...

arsyparsy - Haha, you should check it out! Might have to rummage around but there a few great buys :) The citrus gummies are delish!

mashi - Ooh, I haven't checked out Lovisa for a while, that's another store that I always end up walking out with heaps too :/

Tina - I love Pocky! My fave is the strawberry one... yummm