Saturday, 11 June 2011

Stocktake Sale time

I've only had brief looks at what is on sale at the moment, but there looks like the sales this year are pretty good!

Bought this from the Myer Preview sale the other night for 20% off, can't wait to try it out, I love curls but they never seem to hold in my hair :(

Bought some masks and scrubs since this cold weather is making my skin all dry, flaky and bleh, and they were 20% off too!

Steve Madden heels

They are so comfy!

Zimmermann silk drape dress in black iris

I love the drapey bits! Now I just need somewhere to wear it...

Hairhouse Warehouse had 20% off Parlux hairdryers

So I picked up the 3800 in pink, loving it so far. A massive difference from my old hairdryer, it takes half the time because it's so powerful!

Zimmermann asymmetrical tank 

These weren't on sale, but I was on the hunt for some plain black boots but had so much trouble finding ones that actually fit my short stumpy legs, and I gave up until I wandered into Kagui in World Square one night before dinner (it's a random cheap shoe shop) and found these boots. They've gotten a lot of wear so far!

I also bought the Ansdorf jersey wrap dress in mauve during the Vogue fashion night in, waiting for it in the mail at the moment 


aelie said...

Awesome purchases! <3

mashi said...

Great buys dear... esp loving your steve madden heels and the Z silk drapey dress, very pretty xx

arsyparsy said...

Wow so many great buys! I absolutely loooove stocktake sales, but coincidentally, when ever it comes around, I'm usually broke :( sighh! Cute skirt btw!!! Show us what it looks like on you when you get it!!

Joanne said...

Looks like an awesome splurge was had, I'm very envious! I headed into Myer but didn't find anything special. :( Hopefully I'll get lucky next year!

My favourite buys of yours are the black boots, the draped navy dress, and the purple skirt! Too cute!!

Musicalhouses said...

Great buys! I especially love the Steve Madden shoes :)

juznie said...

Nice buys :) especially like the Zimmerman purple dress and the Parlux (in pink!)gotta get one of those one day...

Julie said...

hehe got the pink parlux too <3

love those cute shoes!

Audrey Allure said...

Cute shoes & love that jersey wrap dress!

missklicious said...

aelie - Thanks hun :)

mashi - Thank you! Now I just need somewhere to wear them :P

arsyparsy - It always seems to be the case that when you find all this great stuff to buy, you have no money and then when you do, you can't find anything good to buy!! Will post about the skirt when I receive it in the mail :)

Joanne - I definitely went a little crazy, but I love everything I've bought! The boots are so practical, I've worn them so much already.

Musicalhouses - Thanks! I really love the hot pink colour :)

juznie - You must get a Parlux!! They are awesome.

Julie - YAY for Parlux!! And pink :D

Audrey Allure - Thanks hun :)