Sunday, 3 July 2011

Chef's Gallery - Regent Place, Sydney

I was pleased to find a brand new menu on my recent visit to Chef's Gallery with a whole lot of new dishes to choose from.

The menu was filled with a lot of interesting new dishes, such as tacos, and these cute mini pork buns!

Chrysanthemum, rose and goji berries tea

Watermelon juice

Deep fried crab meat spring rolls with a spicy dipping sauce - these were very crispy and crunchy, I felt like the sauce was a bit of a odd pairing though

Spinach noodles wok fried with seafood

Seafood pancake with creamy lime sauce - very similar to prawn toast

I always seem to be drawn to deep fried items on the menu anywhere, this meal at Chef's Gallery is no exception... I'd like to go back and try the pork buns though!

12/501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9267 8877


Dolly said...

those spring rolls look delish. sorta viet looking hahaa..

Lily said...

my friend recommended me this place the other day! everything in your pics looks soooo niceee

MissPiggy said...

We had the spinach noodles on Friday night...I didn't like them, but the others did. I had the tea that you had - AMAZING! LOVED it. And get the pork buns next time - so good.

Lil said...

Oh my gosh!! New dishes? I must go back!

Tina@fodboozeshoes said...

Woo hoo! Must get back there soon! Are all the old menu items still there...?

mashi said...

Yum... I'm salivating at my desk already, thanks for the update and review. I'm keen to try those pork buns out too :)

missklicious said...

Dolly - You're right, they kind of do!

Lily - You'll have to check it out :) There's 25% off in the Entertainment Book if you have that

MissPiggy - The tea was very nice! The noodles were OK. I really want to try the pork buns now!!

Lil - Yep, the menu is much more exciting now. IMO they didn't have that many dishes to choose from before so it's a nice change.

Tina - The old items seem to be on there from what I saw, they took off the sweet buns in the shape of a pumpkin...

mashi - No problems! Let me know how they are :D