Monday, 4 July 2011

Fat Noodle & Bistro 80 - Star City, Sydney

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a meet with the lovely food bloggers at Star City - firstly, dinner at Fat Noodle and dessert at Bistro 80. What a fun night it turned out to be! :)

Sneaky pics at Fat Noodle, before we were told that no photos were allowed:

Salt and pepper silken tofu with fried fresh chilli and garlic - who knew tofu could taste so awesome?

Crabmeat and avocado rice paper rolls - These were nice enough, I love anything with avocado so that's probably why, though the serving was quite small

Chicken salad

This was my dish - sorry I forget the name, and the menu on the website hasn't been updated but it was some kind of pork belly dish - ultimate comfort food, perfect for the windy and cold night it was!

And then it was off to Bistro 80 where the nickname of the 'Women's Dessert Mafia' was earned by us from the kitchen staff (you'll see why soon):

Pretty lights - our lovely waiter Peter even turned on the 'real' lights for us to get better pictures, so sweet!

The actual menu looked pretty good too, too bad we were way too full - will definitely be back soon though

Dessert time:

This is where the dilemma started, ALL the desserts sounded fantastic... and at $10 each, it was very tempting to order one of everything.

R, and I decided to join forces and choose 4 desserts to share between the 2 of us - that way we could get a taste of everything

Exotic fruit & rum savarin - banana and passionfruit sorbet

This wasn't actually one of our desserts, but I sneaked a picture in anyway, it looks so fruity and summery!

Lemon and Passionfruit Delicious - citrus compote, lemon curd ice cream

And delicious it was... anything with delicious in it's name is sure to be good!

Poached Raspberry Meringue - raspberry sorbet, lemon verbena custard

Honey Creme Brulee

Dark Chocolate Tart

Fat Noodle
Level 1 - on the Casino Main Gaming Floor

Bistro 80
Level 2 - Hotel Tower

80 Pyrmont Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009
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joey@FoodiePop said...

Love the look of the desserts at Bistro 80! Must have a look next time I'm at Star.

MissPiggy said...

This was a great night wasn't it? I'm very proud that I shared only two desserts with The Baking Lady! Cannot wait for our revist tho...

Boden sale said...

These desserts look delicious, i wonder if you can post the ingredients, it would be appreciated.

Audrey Allure said...

The food looks delicious, especially the dessert!

arsyparsy said...

Aw yumm! You eat such good food!
And I agree, those rice paper rolls are tiny!!!!! But I love them so much! I've never tried it with avocado though... interesting!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Do I spot a cavity in the middle of that creme brulee dish with fruit? That's a nifty invention!

missklicious said...

Joey - They were all pretty good! And such good value too :)

MissPiggy - Yes, can't wait for the re-visit!!

Boden - Sorry, I don't have a list of ingredients!

Audrey Allure - The dessert was awesome :)

arsyparsy - I love rice paper rolls... so tasty and healthy too!

Rita - Yep! Pretty cool huh? It had rhubarb and strawberry which went well with the brulee