Friday, 15 July 2011

Winter warmers

Oh hai! How freezing has it been lately? Bring on spring and summer PLEASE!

Though I guess the upside of winter is that you can stuff your face with all kinds of comfort food, and it all be miraculously covered by winter coats until summer rolls around and it's panic time haha

I was in Canberra last weekend, which meant visiting all my favourite (food) places! I went to the Southside farmer's markets and had this egg and bacon brioche from the Dream Cuisine stall as well as picking up many macarons to take home. They didn't have my favourite honey & lavender ones though (boo!)

Koko Black hazelnut hot chocolate

Winter spoil 

With chocolate cake, salted caramel and dulce de leche chocolates, poached quince

Chocolate mousse and pecan ice cream (amazing!)

And of course more ice cream - IMO ice cream is even better in winter!


arsyparsy said...

I agree! It's been so cold lately :(
Aww how delicious do those desserts look!
Haha I thought the two chocolates in the middle in the first picture were pig blood LOL

missklicious said...

Haha, so random! Does it look like pig's blood?