Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Zumbo goodies

Last weekend I couldn't resist a trip to Adriano Zumbo before I left for my holidays...

They only had 3 macaron flavours available unfortunately :(

Mac stack

Olive oil and lemon - this had a really interesting flavour, and after one bite, oil came oozing out from the centre

Pear and vanilla - this was really lovely and delicate

Rice pudding

charlie brown - pâte sucrée, peanut vanilla caramel, milk chocolate mousse peanut nougatine, one of my favourites!

Unfortunately my favourite of them all didn't survive the journey back home, hence why it's all squashed looking, but hey... it tasted good!

malt & teaser - chocolate sabayon mousse, almond malt dacquoise, malt bavaroise, vanilla creneaux, almond praline feuilletine

what a great pear - choux pastry, pear & vanilla creme patissier, almond crunch, pear mousse, pera gel, chocolate square and marzipan haha such a cute name!!

sacher's sister blanca - white chocolate sponge, white chocolate pear ganache, kumabo ganache and vanilla glacage

rose and raspberry millefeuille - rose creme mascarpone, raspberry jelly, raspberry almond crunch and caramelised puff pastry

296 Darling Street
Balmain NSW 2041

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Cafe Cre Asion - Sydney

After hearing all the fantastic raves about Cre Asion macarons, I had to check out what all the fuss was about! Unfortunately I got there pretty late (after 3pm) so a lot of the nice sounding flavours were sold out :(

I ended up getting a box of 8 - one of each that were left

There's only 7 here because my friend stole one in the car haha, I reluctantly handed over the pistachio macaron to her...

The flavours I got were green tea, buttered popcorn, chocolate, lemon, vanilla, Dear Chris & coffee

My favourite was definitely the Dear Chris - so yum!!

Cafe Cre Asion
21 Alberta Street
Sydney NSW 2000
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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Miss Chu - Darlinghurst, Sydney

On one rainy Sunday the housemate and I went to watch a movie at Broadway - we had a bit of time before the movie so we decided to swing past Miss Chu for some rice paper rolls and dumplings.

Blink and you'll miss it cute little tuckshop front scattered with mismatched chairs 

I gravitated toward getting the roast duck and banana flower rolls - hard to choose as they all sound yummo!

Scallop and prawn dumplings - they were sooo good, and totally hit the spot for the dreary, cold weather

Washed down with a coconut juice - I liked the look of the slushies, will be getting one of those next time!

I was still feeling peckish after those two items so I got these Shanghai pork dumplings as well... 

And this black sticky rice and custard dessert - don't be deceived by the tiny box, it was SO filling!

Corner of Bourke and Williams Street
Darlinghurst NSW
Ph: (02) 8356 9988
Open 11am - 9pm

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Winter high tea @ Adore Tea - Federation Square, Gold Creek, Canberra

So the last time I was down in Canberra was perfect timing to book for the fortnightly high tea held at my favourite afternoon tea time spot, Adore Tea.

The good thing about having two wardrobes in different places is that you end up finding things that you've forgotten about. I bought this dress ages ago from Princess Polly and never got around to wearing it. I thought high tea was the perfect place to wear it for it's first outing!

With AH Perfect Storm cardi

I was really excited to try the Winter High Tea here as the menu sounded so tempting with the matching teas paired with the treats.

But of course what's a weekend without some champagne in the morning. Veuve Ambal French Sparkling to be exact. It went down a treat.

The tea paired with the 'traditional' service, it was a Chinese black tea called Golden Monkey which was very nice and subtle

Sandwiches - including cucumber & mint butter; pumpkin infused with Russian Caravan smoky tea & baby spinach leaves & goats milk feta; Roasted beef with a winter chutney

Sparkling berry iced tea which was offered as an alternative to the champagne

After sandwiches, they brought out the savouries:

Cucumber with chunky beetroot & feta
Lavosh topped with apple, walnut & blue cheese
Salted mini toast roasted eggplant, olive tapenade & rosemary
Pumpernickel topped with Ham, cream cheese and chives

Served with flowering white tea

We actually finished all the savoury food before it even opened :P

The sweets

Coconut Mousse on Banana Cake - loved this! The coconut mousse (the big white square block) was awesome
Apple crumble tartlet

Classic American chocolate brownie
Cherry Almond Boat

Fresh Baked Scones served with
Apple & Cinnamon Tea Infused Mixed Berry Jam,
French Earl Grey Strawberry Jam and Clotted Cream 

The warm fluffy scones were very welcome on a cold Canberra day, and I love that they have tea infused jam - so yum!

Sweet treats served with sparkling Turkish Apple chunky iced tea

This was definitely my favourite - moist and delicious banana cake with creamy coconut mousse

Final service - Chai Vanilla black tea

Chai infused vanilla custard

Overall, I thought it was a great balance of savouries and sweet. It wasn't an overload of sweets like most high teas, and I loved the concept of the matching teas, especially the inclusion of the iced teas.

Federation Square 1
O'Hanlon Place

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Jalan Alor - Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD

After flying into Melbourne on my recent trip there, there was pretty much only one thing on my mind. Well actually... two... sleep, but before that... most importantly FOOD!

Something quick and easy was in order and so we headed to the city, to a little Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown - Jalan Alor

Lychee drink

Curry ayam

My nasi lemak - it was good, but I wish I had more of that lovely sauce, I ended up having to 'steal' some sauce from the curry ayam because there wasn't enough to mix with the rice.

I had my eye on the desserts, but I was swayed by a better offer (ie: crepes Will post on that soon!)

Rugged up - it was freakin' freezing in Melbourne!

Jalan Alor
7/206 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 9663 1138