Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Exploring Sassafras

So as I mentioned in my previous post, we had 15 minutes to kill before getting a table at Miss Marples, so we went to do a bit of exploring around the shops.

There was this adorable tea shop right next door

With the cutest assortment of teapots

And more teas than you could poke a stick at...

Browsed through their antique stores


Antique cash register

After Miss Marples we explored further and came across a gourmet food store with the friendliest owner:

Macarons galore

Foodie heaven - with samples everywhere

Gourmet chocolates

Squee - cutest timer!!

Cream @ Sassafras

We even scored free Serendipity ice-cream! Pear and rhubarb + lamington. Sooo good!!

We then couldn't resist the tasty sorbets:



My tea haul - my all time fave has got to be the green tea chrysanthemum - it's so nice!

I bought this from Cream - so addictive!

And also picked up these nut spreads

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