Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Porteño - Surry Hills, Sydney

So we finally got around to trying to Porteño on a Friday a couple of weeks ago.  The open wood fire was perfect for the gloomy weather that we've been experiencing as of late.

Toasty open fire loaded up with meat

We got there just after 6 and there was already a massive line, luckily we had booked a table! (they only take bookings for 5 people +)

Perusing the menu

More wood fire action

Pan de Casa - House Baked Bread with Olive Oil & Pork Pate

Ceviche Peruano - Kingfish Ceviche, Corn, Cucumber, Sweet Potato and Bottarga

Lengua En Escabeche - Pickled Veal Tongue

Beetroot salad - This was a great dish, I loved the earthiness of the beetroot.

Cocktail # 1 the name of which escapes me - forgive me, it was Friiiday!!

One of the specials of the day - Barramundi

and the long awaited Chanchito a la Cruz - 8 hour Woodfired Free Range Suckling Pig - I only wish there was way more crackling!

Chorizo Porteno - Housemade Pork Sausage

Chorizo is always freakin' tasty, and this one is no exception.

Cocktail # 2 - Pimm's cup

Postre Chaja - South American Style Pavlova - this was definitely the best dessert of the night

Burnt Milk Custard with Orange Jam and Chocolate Ice Cream

358 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills
NSW 2010

Ph: +61 2 8399 1440

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Lily said...

never had s. american before. but the food looks pretty good!

MissPiggy said...

This post is perfectly timed as I'm going here tonight...the suckling pig is on my hit list...looks amazing! I've been told to have the beetroot salad too...noms!

Marjorie said...

I've been here and it was excellent. I even tried blood sausage. I'll admit i'm not a fan but everything else was good.

If you haven't already check out Marque and Bentley, also in Surrey Hills.

missklicious said...

Lily - It was something different, in a good way!

MissPiggy - Ooh, enjoy! Can't wait to see all the pics :D

Marjorie - Blood sausage sounds interesting! There are SO many amazing restaurants to try out in Surry Hills. Will hopefully get around to going to more - thanks for the suggestions!

sugarpuffi said...

open spit babyyyyyy! and the best pavlova evaaa