Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Zumbo goodies

Last weekend I couldn't resist a trip to Adriano Zumbo before I left for my holidays...

They only had 3 macaron flavours available unfortunately :(

Mac stack

Olive oil and lemon - this had a really interesting flavour, and after one bite, oil came oozing out from the centre

Pear and vanilla - this was really lovely and delicate

Rice pudding

charlie brown - pâte sucrée, peanut vanilla caramel, milk chocolate mousse peanut nougatine, one of my favourites!

Unfortunately my favourite of them all didn't survive the journey back home, hence why it's all squashed looking, but hey... it tasted good!

malt & teaser - chocolate sabayon mousse, almond malt dacquoise, malt bavaroise, vanilla creneaux, almond praline feuilletine

what a great pear - choux pastry, pear & vanilla creme patissier, almond crunch, pear mousse, pera gel, chocolate square and marzipan haha such a cute name!!

sacher's sister blanca - white chocolate sponge, white chocolate pear ganache, kumabo ganache and vanilla glacage

rose and raspberry millefeuille - rose creme mascarpone, raspberry jelly, raspberry almond crunch and caramelised puff pastry

296 Darling Street
Balmain NSW 2041


MissPiggy said...

The oil in the Macaron doesn't sound too appealing - was it OK? The rest of your haul looks pretty amazing!

HeartNhandmade said...

I'm reading this post while I eat my tuna salad, and i'm drewling! I love desert! :) looks so good!

Oh My Kitchen Aid said...

WHOA! that one amazingly delicious array of dessert purchases!

sugarpuffi said...

youve been having a macaron overdose lately!! so many macs...mmm...

Jaztee said...

I am ridiculously jealous!! Wow they look good.

missklicious said...

MissPiggy - I wasn't expecting the oil, so when I bit into it, most of it squirted out! It was interesting but weird in a macaron!

HeartNhandmade - haha I always make myself hungry reading food blogs too!

Oh My Kitchen Aid - Zumbo never ceases to amaze!

sugarpuffi - I know, talk about macaron overload...

Jaztee - The cakes were fantastic!