Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cafe Landmark - The Landmark @ Central, Hong Kong

After landing in Hong Kong late at night, the first destination the next day was shopping! First stop, The Landmark and after wearing myself out browsing the endless stores, it was time for lunch.  

Cafe Landmark is situated on the top level of The Landmark and seems to attract mostly the lunch time business and 'ladies who lunch' crowd.

Papaya and peach frappe - this was amazingly delicious, full of lovely sweet papaya, I was so tempted to order another one.

Mixed basket of complimentary bread - white, brown and raisin

Mango and lobster salad - this was such a pretty and refreshing dish, slices of sweet mango and chunks of lobster with apple and celery. Perfect for the hot and humid Hong Kong weather!

Baked crabmeat in the shell - tasty baked crabmeat in the shell with the welcome addition of chips

Iced coffee with Irish cream

Mango napolean - gorgeous stack of crispy pastry, mango pieces and vanilla ice cream <3

They also had afternoon tea specials and a wide variety of cakes

Cafe Landmark
107-108 1/F 
The Landmark
Central, Hong Kong

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Brown Brothers Winery and Milawa

On day two of my recent Melbourne trip, we took a day trip down to Milawa to visit the Brown Brothers winery.

They had a cosy fireplace that I didn't want to stop toasting myself next to...

And of course, you don't visit a winery without tasting a wine (or 8!)

One of our many wine tastings... I ended buying a dessert wine and the Zibbibo

Gorgeous day to be out and about in the countryside

We have a thing with taking pictures with roadside signs hehe

It was such a beautiful and picturesque day!

All the wine tasting worked up an appetite so we dropped past the local pub

Chicken parma

Steak sandwich

Spag bol

Next stop was the Milawa cheese factory

Haha  - very true!

And as always they had samples galore and cheese tastings, but I was way too full to indulge in any of it, unfortunately :(

There was also a cool art gallery there with these cute sculptures

Cute echidna!!

On the way home we spotted a double rainbow!! 

I know I'm lagging behind with posts, but this is the last of the Melbourne series. I'm working on the Hong Kong/Europe ones now. Stay tuned ;)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Lolly Shop - Gold Creek, Canberra

The one thing I love most about little country towns is the obligatory lolly shop that always exists.

I was literally joining all the kids in the store and getting excited about all the stacks of cool lollies in here.

Lucky charms cereal

Pretzel M&Ms

Coconut M&Ms - was looking forward to these but they were actually quite disappointing! They weren't very coconutty and all and left my mouth with an odd after taste.

Giant Hershey's Kiss! *squee*

Willy Wonka's runts

Jelly Belly jellybeans are the best! And they have a citrus mix now, with all the awesome flavours such as grapefruit and lime! (I'm one of those people that will pick out all the orange and yellow lollies to eat first)

Mini ice-cream chocolates!

Where is the best lolly shop in Sydney?

Monday, 26 September 2011

Cascata Bar - Pousada De São Tiago, Macau

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Macau is Pousada De Sao Tiago, originally built in the 17th century as a fortress called 'Fortaleza de Barra' built by the Portugese to defend Macau against European nations and the local pirates, it is now a boutique hotel and houses some great dining destinations.

Cascata bar is where the afternoon tea is held, and is a small cosy area that is all crystal lights and plush sofas. 

Unfortunately there was some mix up with the booking and our booking was somehow lost - there was plenty of seating outside, but it was too hot and humid to sit outside, so we ended up having to wait for a spare table inside. Not quite the service I had in mind...

I was also surprised that they used Twinings tea bags in the tea pot!

Assortment of sandwiches

Chicken pie, Portuguese tarts, scones and cakes

Sao Tiago deluxe tea set

This was the set for 1 person, so pretty much a bargain afternoon tea at $118 MOP! (around $14 AUD during the time I went)

They also had a wide variety of tapas which sounded pretty good as well.

Cascata Bar
Pousada De Sao Tiago
Avenida Da Republica, 
Fortaleza De Sao Tiago De Barra, Macau