Saturday, 24 September 2011

Boathouse by the Lake - Barton, Canberra

I finally got around to trying Boathouse by the Lake in Canberra, after missing a previous Friday night booking due to the horredous traffic getting out of Sydney to Canberra.

The restaurant is hidden away in a spot right next to Lake Burley Griffin with beautiful views.

This cocktail was called 'Seriously Apple' and it was seriously good. Described as 'the crisp combination of everything apple' it was delicious!

Amuse bouche - mussel consomme

Peking duck consommé with Peking duck, lemongrass and ginger dumplings
 - this dish came with the dumplings and the consomme was poured over the table.  I have to admit, it's not the most visually appealing dish, as this wasn't my dish, I only had a small taste of this dish and the consomme was very overpowering.

Seared Hervey Bay scallops on cauliflower puree with black pudding, red onion jam and pinenut brittle, baby leaf salad - this was my entree, and you can never go wrong with big, fat and juicy scallops. I love the sweet and crunchy effect of the pinenut brittle

Quinoa and rosemary crusted lamb rack on skordalia with slow roasted truss tomatoes, sauteed baby spinach and bone marrow jus

Confit of duck on spec braised puy lentils, cauliflower veloute, turned baby vegetables and duck jus

Palate cleanser - grapefruit sorbet

Valhrona dark chocolate and mandarin souffle, strawberry and elderflower jelly, leatherwood honey parfait

To be honest, I wasn't that amazed by the desserts - this souffle was slightly crispy around the edges...

The ice cream was lovely though!

Sweet fig and vanilla bombe Alaska, toffee feijoa - loved the theatricality of this dish, set alight in front of you! It was very alcoholic tasting though.

In the middle of the meal, this girl burst into tears and everyone was wondering what happened - her boyfriend had proposed to her! It was so sweet :) the whole restaurant cheered for them, and someone shouted out 'so is it a yes?' and out came the champagne. So sweet :)

Grevillea Park
Minindee Drive
Barton ACT 2600
Ph: (02) 6273 5500


Corrina said...

The food looks great, especially those scallops! And awww how cool that a proposal happened while you were there!

Joelyne said...

Yummers! That icecream looks delightful!!!
the sydney girl

Jaztee said...

I like the look of the sorbet and of course the bombe Alaska - almost magical haha.

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Nawwww to cute! Lol at the person who screamed out to her hahaha. Shame about the souffle - it looks well impressive!

missklicious said...

Corrina - It was very cool, first time I've seen a proposal in action!

Joelyne - Ice-cream is always good!!

Jaztee - The sorbet was a great palate cleanser, and the bombe alaska was very cool when it was up in flames!

Nic - Haha, it would have been embarassing if she had said no!

jude said...

How was the salt content, generally? I have found far too often that top-end restaurants are still putting far too much salt in most of their dishes these days. Can't see why they couldn't cut back and put salt shakers on tables again.. that way everyone's happy!

missklicious said...

The consomme was salty, but other than that I thought the dishes were fine. You hardly see salt shakers anywhere these days! I never add salt though, so don't really mind.

Anonymous said...

Missklicious, sorry for asking such a random question out of the blue, but I would like to ask if you had the standard entree/main/dessert (i.e. not degustation menu), and if so, what were portion sizes like?

I am considering the Boat House for a wedding reception venue and slightly worried that the portion sizes are on the smaller side...

missklicious said...

Not a random question at all! Yes, my dishes were all the standard entree/main/dessert dishes, not the degustation menu.

I thought the portion sizes were standard fine dining sizes (which are usually quite small!) so I think it depends what you view as a small portion - I know my male dining partner thought the portions were quite small, but it was fine for me.

It is a lovely venue for a wedding reception though!