Monday, 3 October 2011

A bit of my HK/Europe shopping haul

As you would have guessed, I bought back quite a bit from my overseas trip.  I won't post about all the clothes because I suck at photographing them - but I went crazy at H&M (awesome stuff!) and Zara in Hong Kong and designer goodies/perfume/make up in Paris.

Some of my Sasa goodies - hello 1AUD - 8.6 HKD when I exchanged my $. Best timing ever. I bought a stack of masques and other tidbits. Love Sasa!

Horse print scarf from H&M - saw horse print everywhere, I'm guessing it's going to be the next big thing

How cute is the packaging for these lollies from France? No idea if they taste good or not though, haven't tried them yet! I'm just a sucker for pretty packaging...

More accessories from H&M - these worked out to be ridiculously cheap with the ridiculously good exchange rate.

How cute is this eyebrow palette - bow!!

I've been using it for the past few weeks and so far so good!

Love Anna Sui's pretty packaging for everything, and everything smells like roses! I did not realise this until my housemate pointed this out.

YSL travel exclusive palette 

YSL eyeshadow palettes - I hadn't bought YSL make up previous to buying all this, but I love it now! Everything I've bought is awesome.  The shadow colours are gorgeous and can be used wet or dry.

YSL lipglosses - my new favourite is the bright pink colour - they smell divine too!

Rings from Florence, Italy

One of my designer purchases - this Miu Miu wallet that I've had my eye on for ages! I'm glad I held out until Paris to buy it because I saved a significant amount.

Since I've been back, I haven't been shopping once (except to buy shoes for my friend's wedding!) I think I've lost the will to shop after being spoilt by the awesome shopping in Europe.


Sushi said...

Oh lovely purchases! I really want a Miu Miu wallet too x Sushi

aelie said...

Gorgeous wallet! The colour is amazing x

wtmontana said...

Love those YSL shadows, especially the travel set they look intensely beautiful! Perfect for Spring! You could practically be on the Buy Nothing New month already if not shopping :)

missklicious said...

Sushi - Miu Miu always has the most gorgeous things. I always walk into the store and leave wanting one of everything...

aelie - Thanks! They had so many beautiful colours, but this one caught my eye the most!

wtmontana - The shadows are really pretty - and yes, very spring!

SneakyLily said...

I could spend all day in SaSa, between the cute colorfully packaged stuff and the products i never knew even exist... I went through a 'cute packaged face mask' obsession recently, till i found they weren't compatible with my skin :(

Anonymous said...

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