Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Long weekend in Canberra

I spent the October long weekend partly in Canberra due to my cousin's wedding on the Saturday.

I took full advantage of this time to partake in my favourite Canberra eating destinations and activities:

Pistachio dining dessert tasting plate never fails to please...

I also went to the handmade markets which were conveniently on the same weekend - I stocked up on caramel macadamias and vienna almonds from the Bateman's Bay nut company - so freakin' awesome!!

The Curious Chocolatier stall

Glorious macarons

There was also another stall selling these adorable babycakes!

A trip to Koko Black was in order :)

Strawberry iced chocolate from Koko Black's new spring menu

Koko Black - Spring spoil


itsanaddiction said...

That tasting plate at Pistachio Dining looks divine, I so have to go there!!!

Oh My Kitchen Aid said...

all the pretty coloured macarons! the strawberry icechocolate is HUGE!

missklicious said...

itsanaddiction - Highly recommend that you go and try out Pistachio. I always have a great meal there and the dessert tasting plate is always the highlight!

Oh My Kitchen Aid - it was huge, and very filling. I have to confess I didn't actually finish it!!

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Thats strawberry iced choc looks insanely good!

Corrina said...

Yum everything looks delish, especially those adorable babycakes! I hope you can find some Review bargains! The store I was at had heaps of dresses, tops, and sweaters/cardis on sale, hopefully yours will have heaps of stock too! The sales lady also told me that they will be starting a loyalty program soon too, which should be awesome! x

missklicious said...

Nic - All the iced chocolates at Koko Black are pretty awesome!

Corrina - Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to have a quick browse today :D