Sunday, 9 October 2011

Vatican City snapsnots

Europe is stunning.  Everywhere you look, the architecture is amazing. On one of the first days of my trip we went to Vatican City, a sovereign city-state walled enclave located within Rome, Italy. 

Outside St Peter's Basilica

The obelisk 

Inside St Peter's Basilica:

Swiss guards


Julie said...

omfg so jealous! and ps drolls at that suckling pig on the post below T__T wah

sugarpuffi said...

all these photos is making me wanting to hop on a plane and fly off somewhere right now!! those swiss guards looks like they came out from a packet of cards haha!

Sushi said...

Amazing photos, what a beautiful place! I'm going to go there one day too ;) x Sushi said...

Well jel!! Haha loved the vatican its so beautiful and the history is mind blowing! Look like youre having a fab time :)

missklicious said...

Julie - Suckling pig is so awesome!

sugarpuffi - Do it!! Haha yeah, the swiss guards were cute! LOL

Sushi - It is a beautiful place to visit - so many places in Europe are so visually stunning!

Nic - I wish I were still there!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

I'm a lil upset (and embarassed) that I didn't make it to the Vatican City when I was in Rome... I wasted a day hungover on a couch :(
Thanks for sharing :)