Saturday, 22 October 2011

Xanthi - Westfield Sydney

Last month, after my return from my overseas trip, one of the first food outings I went was with miss J, B and S

Xanthi is located on Level 6 of Westfield Sydney and is a new greek restaurant run by David Tsirekas of Perama fame. 

Greek lemonade - this was a tangy version of regular lemonade which I really enjoyed.

Complimentary bread

Greek salad - all the salad options sounded nice but this was chosen for the delicious chunks of feta 

Honey peppered figs - dried figs with a pepper, honey, balsamic vinegar and spice syrup.

Tarama dip - salted and cured cod roe dip, this was very moreish! Even after we finished the pieces of bread that came with it, we kept going back for more.

Zucchini fritters - shredded zucchini and haloumi with dill, parsley and mint - I love zucchini anything, so these went down well.  I thought the serving was pretty generous too, they were huge!

I think this was everyone's favourite dish of the day - fried school prawns, tossed in a mixture of honey, fish sauce, sesame seed and flaked almond dressing

Pork belly baklava - shredded pork belly with a date and pistachio filling and crackling served with a date and mastic sauce

More crackling please!

250 grams of pig from the spit

Dessert time:

We were pretty full by this stage, but the dessert sounded way too tempting to just order one to share (despite protests from miss J!)

We ended up getting 3 to share between the 4 of us:

Caramel baklava ice cream - this was definitely my favourite out of all the desserts, yummy sliced layers of vanilla bean ice cream, caramel sauce and baklava. So damn good.

Byzantine 'Ekmek' - roasted sliced sweet sourdough brioche served with clotted cream and a spiced honey syrup. This was probably my least favourite, it just tasted like normal brioche. 

This was very visually pretty, almost too pretty to eat! The Garden of Aphrodite is sheep milk pudding served with raspberry and beetroot gel with fresh mandarin segments, crystallised rose petals and ouzo meringues

The crystallised flowers were an interesting, and nice touch to the dish.

I will definitely be back to try some other dishes, and drag my vegetarian housemate along as I've noticed there are quite a lot of vego choices on the menu.  

Level 6 Dining Precinct
Westfield Sydney
Corner Pitt Street Mall & Market Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9232 8535

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That Brunette One said...


arsyparsy said...

Aw yum mm m m! Noo I can't get hungry at this time!
The shrimp bowl looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

zomg just the name Garden of Aphrodite sounds lovely but it's so pretty as well! Can't wait to try Xanthi out.

missklicious said...

That Brunette One - Everything was delicious!

arsyparsy - haha midnight snack!! That's what I always feel like when I read food posts late at night...

Ayana - It is so pretty! Xanthi is definitely worth a try.