Monday, 28 November 2011

Farmer's Daughter - Yarralumla, Canberra

As soon as I heard about this new little cafe, Farmer's Daughter, in Yarralumla that sells Dream Cuisine macarons (my favourite!) and Campos coffee, I knew that I *had* to visit on my next trip back home to Canberra!

We got in nice and early at 8am and nabbed one of the tables, the cafe filling up quite quickly soon after. Lots of tempting breakfast options on the menu and as always, I have trouble deciding.

They had these jars of coffee beans on the table as well as a sheet explaining about the coffee.  The cafe space is pretty small, and furniture is cute, with some of the tables made out of old sewing machines with the foot pedal under our feet - I didn't actually realise this until my mum pointed it out!

As you know I like to try a bit of everything so this dish was perfect! No Ordinary Soldiers

Smoked salmon and creme fraiche

Rocket and parmesan

Prosciutto and romesco 

Loved this dish - the bread was fantastically crunchy and the toppings matched well - I couldn't choose a favourite between the salmon and proscuitto

And the coffee is fantastic too! You can't go wrong with Campos

I got a handful of lovely macarons to takeaway too - I'll be here often for sure. They have my favourite flavour (which I seem to have been missing out on at the markets lately) the beautiful honey and lavender. Soooo good! I know this is a big call but... Dream Cuisine make the best macarons I've ever tasted.

Farmer's Daughter
27B Bentham Street  Yarralumla ACT 2603
Ph: (02) 6281 2233

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Haagen Dazs me up!

Every time I head overseas, I have to make a beeline for Haagen Dazs.  Someone please PLEASE open one in Sydney!

They had the usual chocolate fondue set as well as all these tempting summer offerings 

Summer Fountain looked very cool - unfortunately I was quite full from lunch, so wasn't able to fit one of any these in!

They even had a high tea offering which I saw a lot of people order - looked quite nice!

Best on a hot humid day in Hong Kong - 8 scoops of ice cream sandwiched between layers of biscuits

Flavours included mango and raspberry sorbet, strawberry, macadamia & green tea ice cream - yummo!

And just in time to catch the Harbour light show!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Swarovski charms + New Purchases + Random Update

In Austria, we made a trip to the Swarovski crystal world (travel post on that later!) and I stocked up on uber cheap Swarovski charms. 

I thought it was only fitting that I purchase the Eiffel tower charm, after all it was my first Europe trip!

Cute sparkly lipstick charm

Rubber ring charm

I went crazy on the perfume purchases in Paris too - bought this super cute Guerlain set as well as YSL Parisienne, Chanel Chance, and some Jo Malone perfumes

Been loving this beautiful hot weather and have taken advantage by going to the beach as much as possible. 

Went to Happy Lab in Westfield the other day, very cool candy shop with lollies in test tubes etc

I bought these cute pink mini meetos

and orange Vitamin C gummi bears

Long island iced tea pop

Also having a bit of a bangle craze at the moment - bought these at Forever New when I bought a heap of things at their 40% off sale

Also bought this blue blazer from Bardot - the sales have been awesome lately!

Love this floaty pleated skirt from Portmans - so bright and pretty! It's been a constant staple in my wardrobe lately.

Cute embellished top from Forever New - great for layering, I also bought it in pink too

Another Paris purchase that has been on high rotation in my wardrobe - my black jumbo classic flap. LOVE it so much. It's quite roomy and goes with pretty much everything!

I'm also obsessed with braids (hair wise at the moment)

Currently also addicted to watching the new TV show 'Revenge' and fitting in as much salsa and bachata dancing as I can through the week.  Not a fan of all this non-stop rain though, please stop for a day or two :(

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sofitel Macau @ Ponte 16, Macau

Ponte 16 casino is just down the road from my grandparents' place in Macau, so it was a convenient afternoon tea snack destination one afternoon. 

They had a special macaron afternoon tea at the Sofitel Macau to celebrate their 3rd anniversary.

Cute macaron tree

Unfortunately I couldn't fit in that many macarons, but I had my eyes on the delicious sounding Tea Forte cocktails. 

The asian style high tea looked interesting!

Nibblies to snack on whilst we waited for food - Olives, nut mix and gummi bears

Petit fours that came with a coffee order - macaron, some type of jelly and a chocolate truffle

Lemon lavender Daiquiri - lavender citrus infuser, tequila, fresh lime juice, club soda and syrup.  This was so good!! 

Club sandwich

Waldorf salad - yummy mix of apple, walnuts and blue cheese with salad

A very welcome addition of fries that came with a little jar of ketchup

Ponte 16 is also the home of a Michael Jackson themed cafe with all his memorabilia: 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Venice - Italy

Even though it's hard to choose favourites, one of my most adored places I visited is definitely Venice.  Located in northern Italy, it was hard to not be in awe of the beautiful setting, architecture and the endless canals filled with gondolas.

Venice unbeliavably stretches across 117 small islands, which explains all the canals!

Piazza san Marco - Venice's public square, crowded at the best of times

Biblioteca Marciana

St Mark's Campanile

Venice canal

Gondola ride

Some gondolas even had singers on board playing the accordion, so cute!

They had so many restaurants and boutiques that you could access via the water too, loved it...

 They had beautiful masquarade masks everywhere I looked

Lunch time

Overloaded on pasta during my Italy leg of the trip...

And wine


More pasta


And pasta again...

On the gondola

Gorgeous lion head spotted on my gondola ride

Shopfront with beautiful display of masks

Squid ink pasta