Friday, 4 November 2011

Dude Food Degustation - Lotus, Potts Point

Sadly October is done and dusted and it went by so quickly! One of the highlights of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival was the dude food degustation I attended last weekend.

I actually almost didn't make it as I had the wrong time, (1pm instead of 12pm) but am glad I did end up making it as it was a great experience. 

Dude food degustation menu

I arrived with perfect timing as the first course had just come out - seemingly a normal spring roll and empanada...

Doner kebab empanada

Cheese Burger spring roll - these fried goodies tasted freakishly like the real thing, it was almost mind boggling! Your brain expects one thing, but your taste buds are telling you something else.  That was pretty much the theme of the whole degustation.

Indomie with fried quail egg, deep fried eshays and "pulled buffalo wing" sauce - a nice twist on the povo uni student staple diet, mi goreng! How cute is the tiny egg?

Pepperoni pizza wontons with napoletana consomme - this was truly amazing... it tasted exactly like pizza

The consomme packed quite a punch too.  Not sure if I liked this dish as I couldn't really get my mind around it, but I still it was really well done and quite interesting!

Tasting of hot dogs - corndog, Chicago style hot dog and foie gras and truffle hotdog

Loved this version of the corndog - the batter was super crispy 
Check out that super rich chunk of foie gras - I actually saved this one for last, and struggled to finish the foie gras as it was so rich.  Super tasty though!

Chicago style hotdog

And the favourite of the day:

Donut ice-cream with candied bacon, banana fritter, pretzel praline, peanut butter and raspberry jam

One word. LOVE. This dessert was insane in a good way. The candied bacon doesn't taste as weird as it sounds.

Overall, I thought it was a fun experience - a table from the restaurant next door were definitely intrigued when they spied our little hot dogs and candied bacon. 

22 Challis Avenue
Potts Point NSW 2011
Ph: (02) 9326 9000
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Pauline - omgnoodles said...

Wow, the food looks great! Makes me hungry!

panda said...

definitely a great menu for the dudes, but also the dudettes too!

missklicious said...

Pauline - The food was great, definitely something different!

panda - It was very interesting, takes 'junk' food to another level!

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Soooo gutted that I missed this :( looks freakin dudetastic!