Farmer's Daughter - Yarralumla, Canberra

As soon as I heard about this new little cafe, Farmer's Daughter, in Yarralumla that sells Dream Cuisine macarons (my favourite!) and Campos coffee, I knew that I *had* to visit on my next trip back home to Canberra!

We got in nice and early at 8am and nabbed one of the tables, the cafe filling up quite quickly soon after. Lots of tempting breakfast options on the menu and as always, I have trouble deciding.

They had these jars of coffee beans on the table as well as a sheet explaining about the coffee.  The cafe space is pretty small, and furniture is cute, with some of the tables made out of old sewing machines with the foot pedal under our feet - I didn't actually realise this until my mum pointed it out!

As you know I like to try a bit of everything so this dish was perfect! No Ordinary Soldiers

Smoked salmon and creme fraiche

Rocket and parmesan

Prosciutto and romesco 

Loved this dish - the bread was fantastically crunchy and the toppings matched well - I couldn't choose a favourite between the salmon and proscuitto

And the coffee is fantastic too! You can't go wrong with Campos

I got a handful of lovely macarons to takeaway too - I'll be here often for sure. They have my favourite flavour (which I seem to have been missing out on at the markets lately) the beautiful honey and lavender. Soooo good! I know this is a big call but... Dream Cuisine make the best macarons I've ever tasted.

Farmer's Daughter
27B Bentham Street  Yarralumla ACT 2603
Ph: (02) 6281 2233

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They make great coffee - you know it's a good sign when their business card has the contact details of the 'head barista' on it. I've been meaning to try them for breakfast, so annoying they're shut on sundays as that's usually my brunch day!
Love the No Ordinary Soldiers. Waht a fab way to get a bit of everything!
Agree, absolutely love my Campos! And those are some chic toast soldiers there - not an egg in sight.
Yuki said…
Seems like you've enjoyed yourself!!
and yes, Dream cuisine rocks =)
Dolly said…
the coffee looks prettiful!
missklicious said…
itsanaddiction - Shame they are closed on Sundays, you'll have to change brunch day to Saturday! :)

Nic - It's a fantastic idea!

Rita - I think it's the first place in Canberra to have Campos!

Yuki - Definitely the best macs around!

Dolly - Love a good coffee art
Anonymous said…
Hi - thank you for all the nice comments
I just wanted to let you know that we are now open sundays 8am - 2pm !
Hope to see you soon
Nicole - The Farmer's Daughter