Sunday, 6 November 2011

Florence & Pisa - Italy

The gorgeous weather continued for the rest of my time spent in Italy, it was fantastic! I stopped past all the sites in Florence, and then it was off to Pisa.

Michelangelo's David statue

The leaning tower of Pisa

Catherdral square (Piazza del Duomo) 


juznie said...

Great photos, the architecture is amazing! I like the pink and black top too.

Popcorn said...

I've never been to Europe. Looks good~ But those buildings look STUNNING.

Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

Seriously stunning architecture that is so rich in history and culture that it can only be found in Europe!

(By the way, has your blog background/layout changed again? I swear it's different each time I look at it! =p)

sugarpuffi said...

ahhh i wanna be there too!!

missklicious said...

juznie - The architecture is breathtaking, all that history behind it all! Australia is a baby in comparison. And thank you! The top is from Alannah Hill :)

Popcorn - Europe is seriously amazing, recommend it for a holiday!

Rita - I was amazed the whole time I was there, it's so different to anything here! And yes, layout has changed :P I needed to change the width to accomodate larger photos and decided to fiddle around with the background too

sugarpuffi - European holiday!