Haagen Dazs me up!

Every time I head overseas, I have to make a beeline for Haagen Dazs.  Someone please PLEASE open one in Sydney!

They had the usual chocolate fondue set as well as all these tempting summer offerings 

Summer Fountain looked very cool - unfortunately I was quite full from lunch, so wasn't able to fit one of any these in!

They even had a high tea offering which I saw a lot of people order - looked quite nice!

Best on a hot humid day in Hong Kong - 8 scoops of ice cream sandwiched between layers of biscuits

Flavours included mango and raspberry sorbet, strawberry, macadamia & green tea ice cream - yummo!

And just in time to catch the Harbour light show!


Omg, that looks SOOOOOO yummy!!
Oh ice-cream overload!! Awesome! :D
Lil said…
I've had exactly what you ordered!!! I wish Haagen Dazs would come to Australia too!
Lol I've done the 8 scoops by myself before.. and my aunt did the 12 scoops, it was SO filling haha
Yuki said…
I see that you are enjoying HK!
missklicious said…
DICTASHION - Love Haagen Dazs!

Nic - The best kind of overload :P

Lil - Nice, I know!! Someone needs to open one here NOW!

Vivian - Woah, 8 scoops by yourself! Crazy! Haha
mashi said…
I'm addicted to HD icecream too, and have forever been praying for one in Sydney. I'm drooling and want some :)
Definitely plan on visiting when i'm in Hong Kong next. If only Haagen-Dazs hadn't closed their store in Darling Harbour all those years ago!
sugarpuffi said…
i had the very berry last time i went to china..zomg...icecream goddess!!

haagen dazs did open in australia like 10-12yrs ago at darling harbour but business strangely wasnt good. they closed it and said never to come back again :( *weeps*