Monday, 21 November 2011

Swarovski charms + New Purchases + Random Update

In Austria, we made a trip to the Swarovski crystal world (travel post on that later!) and I stocked up on uber cheap Swarovski charms. 

I thought it was only fitting that I purchase the Eiffel tower charm, after all it was my first Europe trip!

Cute sparkly lipstick charm

Rubber ring charm

I went crazy on the perfume purchases in Paris too - bought this super cute Guerlain set as well as YSL Parisienne, Chanel Chance, and some Jo Malone perfumes

Been loving this beautiful hot weather and have taken advantage by going to the beach as much as possible. 

Went to Happy Lab in Westfield the other day, very cool candy shop with lollies in test tubes etc

I bought these cute pink mini meetos

and orange Vitamin C gummi bears

Long island iced tea pop

Also having a bit of a bangle craze at the moment - bought these at Forever New when I bought a heap of things at their 40% off sale

Also bought this blue blazer from Bardot - the sales have been awesome lately!

Love this floaty pleated skirt from Portmans - so bright and pretty! It's been a constant staple in my wardrobe lately.

Cute embellished top from Forever New - great for layering, I also bought it in pink too

Another Paris purchase that has been on high rotation in my wardrobe - my black jumbo classic flap. LOVE it so much. It's quite roomy and goes with pretty much everything!

I'm also obsessed with braids (hair wise at the moment)

Currently also addicted to watching the new TV show 'Revenge' and fitting in as much salsa and bachata dancing as I can through the week.  Not a fan of all this non-stop rain though, please stop for a day or two :(


Poison said...

amazing blog <33 wonderful post;)
Visit my blog:)

panda said...

very cute charms! hey, do you happen to go by central station in the evenings? think i might've spotted you - will say hey if I see you next time :)

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Those lollies sound so fab!! Guess where Im going at lunch today :)

sugarpuffi said...

how much are the charms?? wow long island ice tea pops?! i want one!

missklicious said...

Poison - Thanks for stopping by!

panda - I do sometimes if I have classes in the city, but not every day :)

Nic - Happy Lab!! hehe

sugarpuffi - The charms were all different prices, but it worked out to be quite cheaper than aus plus I got the 12% VAT (or whatever the rate was in Switzerland as it's a bit different from the rest of Euro) refunded as well

missklicious said...

^ Actually ignore that comment, I bought them in Austria (not Switzerland, d'oh!!) so it was the 12% VAT that I got back

Yuki said...

I <3 your chanel bag ^^