Thursday, 8 December 2011

Europe trip - Austria & Liechtenstein

One of the nights during my Europe trip was spent in Innsbruck, the cultural and tourist centre of western Austria. 

 I found it to be a picturesque little town with beautiful old buildings, the Inn River and a stunning backdrop of the Alps.

 It was nice to take time out of a hectic trip and just go for a nice, long stroll around this small and quiet town. I think even by this stage, I was trying to catch up with which country I was in! I'm still amazed at the fact that in Europe, you can be immersed in a whole different culture/language in a mere matter of hours of travel by road. Incredible.

Loved the old buildings in the Altstadt 'The Old City'

 It almost felt like I'd stepped back in time!

All the strudels and tortes you can think of...

The next day, it was off to Swarovski crystal world:


 The Swarovski crystal world had all these displays inside, with 8 different worlds and a massive shop at the end.

We also passed through Liechtenstein, a tiny country just over 160 square kilometres that is bordered by Switzerland and Austria.

Vaduz Castle perched on the hilltop overlooking the capital


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

I know what you mean! I'd get used to one country and language and then when I'd get to the next I'd have a bit of an 'oh right, moving on' moment.

Gorgeous photos too. The Swarovski place looks amazing.

Dustyn said...

This place is so sweet looking! I'm a sucker for some Swarovski studs, have a few and they're my go-to for basic but pretty sparklies!
Can't wait to visit Europe, I've seen so many pictures it's making me want to go stat! Haha :) great pictures.

Dolly said...

such lovely photos/// wish i was there!

missklicious said...

soph - Haha, that's so true!

Dustyn - The Swarovski shop was huge, Europe is amazing too.

Dolly - Thanks :)

Sammy said...

Love the pretty green landscapes! I never thought about going to Austria but I wanna now :)