Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Grazing at Gundaroo - Gundaroo, NSW

There's nothing I love better than going for a little road trip around the Canberra surrounds.  There's so many lovely places to explore, and on this particular fine sunny weekend, it was off to Grazing at Gundaroo

A little country style restaurant, Grazing is a rustic restaurant in a old style building established in 1835. You can even have a wander around their kitchen garden, and pick up cartons of fresh eggs from their chooks.

I wanted to have a sample of their tempting veggie produce, so the vegetarian risotto was a perfect option. Risotto with deliciously sweet garden herb roasted butternut squash and it's puree, toasted pinenuts, sage and Italian parmesan.  I couldn't get enough of this dish!

Almost too pretty to eat was this Turkey dish - roast turkey wing with chorizo, sweetcorn polenta, asparagus, almond and parmesan crumbs and double-chicken reduction. Loved this dish too, the vegetables really shined in this dish, especially the super sweet corn and asparagus. 

Dessert time, and a coffee pick me up in the form of a latte.

Their desserts were absolutely amazing too - must be the awesome fresh produce. This one is the peach tarte tatin - almond infused house made puff pastry and peach tart with honey & vanilla syrup, vanilla ice-cream and pistachio 

Creme brulee - Lavender creme brulee with raspberry sorbet <3
I can imagine how nice and toasty it would be in winter with the fireplace going!

Various products from the region on sale, as well as fresh eggs

I also had a wander around the local shops, love the knick knacks you can only find at these little country town shops

It's about an 1/2 hour drive out of Canberra and well worth a visit.  I'm still dreaming about the peach tarte tatin.... Mmmm

Cork Street
Gundaroo NSW 2620


Corrina said...

The food looks delicious, especially the creme brulee! (i'm a sweet tooth hehe) I love those mushrooms in the shop, so cute!

Shanshan said...

I agree with Corrina, the mushrooms look really really cute! The turkey dish looks so heart and warm which is making me so hungry right now.. hehehe

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Looks fab! Especially love the turkey! Looks awesome!

grace said...

haha love that they have fresh eggs for sale!

canberra cafes seem so warm and wholesome... i guess there's more to it than questacon and parliament house :p

mashi said...

happy new year dear. The food looks delish and the peach tarte tatin is making me drool :)

missklicious said...

Corrina - I'm a sweet tooth too, but I love savouries too (I can't choose! haha)

Shanshan - The turkey was delish.. especially with all those tasty vegetables!

Nic - It was really good, I wouldn't normally pick a turkey dish, but I'm glad I did!

grace - haha yes! definitely, I'm bias, but there are quite a lot of nice dining spots in good old Canberra!

mashi - Happy new year to you too! :) I'm tempted to try and make the tarte tatin at home!