Monday, 19 December 2011

Lucerne & Engelberg + Mt Titlis- Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most stunning countries - beautiful scenery with the Swiss alps as the backdrop, lush green meadows and stunning lakes.

Lake Lucerne in north-central Switzerland
Beautiful residents of Lucerne came to say hi :)

The Chapel Bridge - Kapellbr├╝cke

The oldest wooden footbridge in Europe, this foot bridge spans diagonally across the Reuss River, with pretty fowers all over the railings.

Perfect place to have a coffee and people watch

More cute residents, just hanging out

Lucerne is quite touristy - with the main attraction being the endless high-end watch stores.  Unfortunately I didn't have $$$ to blow on an amazing watch, but I did have a browse at one of the stores (5 levels of designer watches!!) 

I did however, stock up on chocolates and other snacks - check out these cute macarons!




 Chocolate overload (if such a thing exists!)

My goodies:

Another thing I loved in Switzerland was going up the alps and hearing all the cow bells on the way up, so adorable!

The Lion Monument 

Mount Titlis

They had these adorable cuckoo clocks everywhere in Switzerland

Movenpick on Mt Titlus


retrodaze said...

Looks so pretty!

Corrina said...

Beautiful pictures, looks like such a magical place! The food looks absolutely incredible too, those macarons look so amazing and omg I love lindt chocolate!

missklicious said...

retrodaze - It was picture perfect!!

Corrina - It was chocolate heaven haha

Anonymous said...

it reminded me of my Zurich tour. love the Lindt coconut choco. very nice pictures infact