Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cafe Sydney - Customs House, Circular Quay

Last weekend, it was off to Cafe Sydney with some Canberra friends.  Located on the 5th floor of Customs House, the views of the harbour bridge are stunning, it's not hard to see why they are constantly booked out.

I managed to nab a bright and early 6:00pm booking (it was either that or after 9:30pm!!)

We settle in, and I quickly decided on my choices as I was starving by this point 

My cocktail choice for the night 

Classically deboned quail, gorgonzola filled zucchini flower, celery heart, walnut, apple cider vinaigrette

I tried a bit of this dish and the quail was very juicy and full of flavour.

Seared scallops, prosciutto, peas, quinoa, horseradish creme fraiche, lemon vinaigrette

I always gravitate toward scallops for my entree dish as they never disappoint, and these were fantastic.

Crumbed crab cake, grilled prawn, cornichon, fennel, sauce gribiche

And then onto mains:

Peppered beef tenderloin, caramelised onion tart, swiss brown mushroom, porcini cream, jus


Chips - these were just your regular shoestring fries, I think I prefer thick style chips

Crispy twice cooked pork belly, prosciutto wrapped pork fillet, apple, savoy cabbage

Crackle crackle.

De-boned spatchcock, heirloom baby carrot, mushroom, sweet corn, jus

This was my dish and it was delicious.

The most important part of the meal is of course, dessert:

I had my eye on the dessert platter, but the boys weren't that keen on dessert so we didn't have the majority vote for the dessert platter.

Mango cheesecake 
Warm rhubarb tart, pistachio crumble, fresh raspberry ripple ice cream

Fried banana - I really enjoyed this, the flavours of the brittle, peanuts and chocolate worked very well together.

Dessert platter, I'll be back for you next time!

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MrsG said...

Oooh yummmm the food looks delicious especially the scallops! I've always wanted to go to Cafe Sydney :)

MissPiggy said...

I love this place - and what a great restaurant to take out-of-towners. All the food looks so tasty - crackle crackle especially.

Audrey Allure said...

That food looks delicious - sounds like a great place to go eat!

missklicious said...

MrsG - It's extremely busy, but a lovely spot with great food!

MissPiggy - Agree that it's a good choice to 'showcase' Sydney

Audrey Allure - It was a great meal!

Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

Looks great but especially the crab cake with prawn. I totally want one right now - and normally I'm a dessert person so it must look super good.

mashi said...

Looks amazing, I'm starving reading this hehe And deboned spatchcook, who can go past that? Desserts look fantastic too

Apple said...

The caramelised tart and beef looks amazing. Perfect dish for me!

hollypop said...

no way man, thin fries are where it's at!!
i prefer thicker if they are proper handmade homecooked ones though. yummmmm.

i like cafe sydney. it's not amaaaaazing and i think it's def the location you're payng for - which is weird cuz you can't really see anything when you're sitting down.
aaand my cocktails were all very very icey.

enough complaints from me!

Nic@diningwithastud said...

I've heard its mean to be good here. Very popular with the suits. Looks delicious! That onion tart looks fab!