Monday, 9 January 2012

Victoria Room - Darlinghurst & Westfield Tea Salon

The past few months, I've had the pleasure of trying out the Victoria Room Tea Salon several times, including the vintage fashion high tea as part of Sydney International Food Festival.

It's super dark in the Darlinghurst Victoria Room, it feels like night time until you finish, walk out and stumble into the bright sunlight with squinty eyes trying to adjust back to daylight

Fruit tarts, lavender shortbread, rose jelly and cupcakes

Delicious fruit tarts - must be classified as healthy if it contains fruit!

Vintage high tea - which was basically their regular offering with a class of champers and you could go for a wander at their vintage market stall setup inside

Glorious scones - I always find that there's never enough jam and cream at most places, you feel like you have to ration it (probably because I slather it on like no tomorrow :P )
Rose jelly

The champagne went down a treat 

A couple of weeks later, I went to the Victoria Room tea salon at Westfield with my mum for an afternoon snack:

I spied the scone menu and was too full on the day, but made a mental note to come back for the scones

Vanilla and raspberry tart - so yummy!

I love this teapot - it's so pretty! 

Elderflower and lemon sparkle

Zucchini and haloumi fritters with avocado salsa and fresh spring salad - this was delish!

High tea for one with a lavender scone - super generous with the sandwiches

Scone outing with the lovely food blogger ladies:

Sweet scones - White chocolate and cranberry; lemon, pistachio & currant; lavender

I wanted something a bit more substantial so I got the cheddar and thyme scone with smoked atlantic salmon , creme fraiche and dill, this was very good. A nice brunch dish.

The savoury scones - Pumpkin & ginger; Cheddar & thyme

It was Zumboron day that day, and the lovely Laura was kind enough to share her haul of macarons - as always, there were some interesting flavours (ramen, anyone!?) 

The Victoria Room on Urbanspoon

The Victoria Room Tea Salon on Urbanspoon


Corrina said...

Everything looks so beautiful and delicious! And wow, a ramen macaron! Did it taste nice? xx

MissPiggy said...

I'm so bummed I missed this. I made it all the way into town and felt so blah I had to turn around and go all looks so nice.

hollypop said...

the fondue at victoria rooms is the BEST

onl available after 11pm though.

sooooo goood.

sugarpuffi said...

the lighting is HORRIBLE at the victoria room compared to the salon. love their generous sandwiches :D

Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

Yum everything looks delicious. I am a big fan of floral so the rose jelly and lavender scone look amazing. Wish I was close enough to be able to pop in so frequently.

missklicious said...

Corrina - I didn't try the ramen but it sure looked interesting! It even had little bits of noodle in it.

MissPiggy - I know, such a shame! You missed out on yummy scones!

Hollypop - ooh. Sounds good! I'll have to give it a try sometime!

Sugarpuffi - I like places with good sandwich to sweets ratio, balances out all that sugar!

Linda - I really enjoyed the lavender shortbread, wouldn't mind trying to recreate it at home

mashi said...

I could definitely go a scone with cream and strawberry jam now mmm All your food posts always make me so hungry :)

♥ Denise ♥ said...

I love hightea! everything is soo dainty and nice <3

hehee macaroons for the last are awesome :P!

Anonymous said...

high tea is one of my faves and i've heard great things about the victoria room but have never been - judging by your photos it looks amazing! great meeting you today btw :)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

It all looks SO GOOD. x hivennn

missklicious said...

mashi - Scones are the best :)

Denise - That's why I like high tea too, a little bit of everything!

excusemewaiter - Victoria room is nice, I wouldn't mind going to try the regular menu there. It was lovely meeting you too! :)

Jazzy - Thanks :)