Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ms G's - Potts Point, Sydney

What better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than checking out the Australian Wildlife photographer of the year exhibition and then meandering over to the cross for a bit of a late lunch at Ms G's

I've been to Ms G's a couple of times now, but haven't blogged about it yet - mainly because each time I've been, it's for dinner and the lighting was non-existent.  I took the opportunity to take advantage of all the lovely sunlight we had on Sunday (which seems to be pretty rare in Sydney these days!)

Luckily there wasn't a line when we arrived after 1pm and we managed to grab a table without waiting :)

First things first... Ms G's famous bubble tea looking 'packaged' cocktails are a bit of fun. We have "Handsome boy" lemonade on the left, which is a mix of Bishonen Sake, Cointreau, Jack Daniels, lemon, lime, orange and cardamom jelly.  On the right is Ms G's famous yuzu slushee with Limoncello, Russian Standard vodka, yuzu juice and Regan's orange bitters.

Can't go past the mini bánh mi to start with, this time we have the crisp pork belly version. So good! It seems to be a popular order as wee spot this on practically every single table in the restaurant. 

Prawn toast, yuzu aioli, herbs - another must order at Ms G's with the lovely fresh flavours of the prawn and crisp fried exterior and zingy aioli. Sooooo good. 

Jow's Sweet and Sour lamb ribs - this wouldn't be something that I would've picked, only because I'm not the biggest fan of lamb, but damn this was awesome! 

Grilled beef pancakes, cucumber kimchi, nuoc cham 

 In an attempt to choose something I hadn't tried on the menu before, we picked these beef pancakes, they were good... but after our previous amazing dishes, it didn't really stand out as anything special. 

Stoner's delight from a previous dinner visit (you can tell how terrible the lighting is!) 

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This time I decided to give dessert a miss (at Ms G's anyway.... I'd never skip dessert altogether :P )

Instead we went to Gelato Messina, hello special Mardi Gras flavours!

Sorbets - White peach and Hello Sailor (grapefruit and aperol)

Little Bloke is peanut butter gelato with nutella and malt milk biscuits, so yum! Golden Gaytime - Caramel and milk gelato with milk chocolate biscuit  

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Nic@diningwithastud said...

What a perfect meal! Ms Gs AND Messina - NOM

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

lol love the name Hello Sailor! And ooh Little Bloke sounds delicious too!

missklicious said...

Nic - The perfect combo!

Helen - Haha, it's a cute name! There's a yummy cocktail at Cruise Bar with the same name too, but that's full of lychees and passionfruit!

Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

Maybe I'll have to try going during the day sometime as well - the crazy queues have been scaring me off!

Dolly said...

I've a;lways wanted to try Mrs G.. mmh banh mi thit.. yum!

missklicious said...

Rita - It's funny because everytime I've been, I haven't had to wait in line! Must be the odd times I tend to go :P

Dolly - Highly recommend you try it :)