Sunday, 25 March 2012

Nonya by Ginger and Spice

Being too lazy to line up for anything (yes, looking at you Mamak!),  I was keen to try out the new Malaysian restaurant in town - conveniently located in Chinatown, just opposite Mamak on Dixon street.

Nonya by Ginger and Spice is situated upstairs, right next to More More Cha.  They also seem to have a deal going at the moment, $9.80 for a lot of their dishes, including beef rendang and their hainanese chicken rice. 

Decisions, decisions! 

Watermelon juice

Spring rolls - these were interesting, not the typical spring rolls, the outer layer reminds me of the taro puffs you find in yum cha. 

The benchmark dish - Hainanese chicken rice

I'm not expert, but I thought their version was pretty good. 

Beef rendang - had this with some plain rice, but should've gotten more of the chicken rice instead, so tasty!

Char kway teow - couldn't resist this on my second visit, it was good but I thought it was a little on the salty side. 

Definitely a great place for a Malaysian fix if you're queue-phobic like me, and the deals they have at the moment make it pretty good value.

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Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Wow - looks pretty good though I've heard mixed reviews about this place...

Nic@diningwithastud said...

The chicken rice looks pretty good. Im no expert either though haha

missklicious said...

Tina - I thought overall it was good, not amazing compared to some of the other Malaysian places though

Nic - The chicken rice was yum!

Anonymous said...

the spring rolls can be bought at any asian groceries. chicken rice looked over cooked by the colour of the chicken.

Anonymous said...

it was no longer by ginger and spice by the time you ate there! check the photo of your menu. haven't been back since but as the last person said.. the chicken rice looks off [and the skin looks badly poached :( ] have you been to the main G&S? how does the food compare?

Anonymous said...

Loved the chicken rice and CKT they are pretty good , they seem to be doing really well as my friends and family loves going back