Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shanghai Stories 1938 - Chatswood, Sydney

A weekend wander around Chatswood leads us to Shanghai Stories 1938 - a relatively new restaurant in the concourse area. On this Saturday morning, we are here to try their 'yum cha', I use that term loosely though as their yum cha consists of Shanghainese dishes, rather than the usual cantonese dim sim seen in your typical yum cha. 

They also have regular menu items to order too, as well as a list of drinks and desserts on their order sheet - just tick and go!

Orange and papaya juice - fruity and refreshing, but I'm not 100% sure that orange and papaya actually go well together... 

Siu mai - Shanghainese style dumplings with a glutinous rice mixture in the middle

These pan fried pork buns were delicious, but should come with a warning haha, let's just say the hot soup may or may not have ended up on the walls after some enthusiastic digging into. You've been warned!

Continuing on the Shanghai theme we had going, we ordered these Shanghai style noodles for something a bit more substantial. 

And of course, the obligatory xiao long bao that you must order at any Shanghainese place. These were ok - nice, hot and soupy, but the skin wasn't as thin as the likes of Din Tai Fung. 

And onto dessert:

I have a thing for all things cute (especially of the edible variety!) so I was intrigued by the China panda buns 

So cute!! Not as nice as the black sesame piggy buns at Chef's Gallery, but I guess no one ever orders these buns for the taste :P

Mango sago and pomelo - tiniest serving ever which I thought was a bit of a poor effort for $5.80... 

Other than that, I thought it was a nice change from your typical Cantonese yum cha.  I read some of the reviews which complained about the bad service, but I thought the service was quite good - staff were really friendly.  I'd probably skip on dessert though if I were to revisit. 

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Since my dessert stomach remained unfulfilled, it was off to Pattison's to grab some cake that we'd spotted earlier on. The trouble was deciding on which ones - a not so subtle hint with my dining companion is seen through immediately and they oblige to let me get two things so we could 'share' ;)

Baked lemon and lime tart

Peach tart - this was delicious, with a lovely buttery base, though the peach could've been a tad riper

Dessert craving satisfied.  Perfect way to spend a rainy weekend!

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julie said...

cant believe how small that sago is =/! love the panda buns!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

food seems a little pricier than normal yumcha. hehe i would've ordered the panda buns just for the novelty of them ^^ so cute!

Izzy said...

ooh I went there recently! I didn't really get to enjoy the food though because I was sick at the time. everyone else was raving about it though! and hmm funny about the service, we had great service and the waiters were super attentive to our table! haha the dessert at the end looks nice too! xD

lovely pettit_mom said...

the food, look so delicious...i am starving when i saw it...

Pauline - omgnoodles said...

Everything looks so good! That panda is so adorable! I'm hungry now =P

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

How cute are the pandas?! *squeal* Mmm, it's been too long since I've had xlbs

sugarpuffi said...

*squee* panda buns! why does it have ugly markings on its head :(

missklicious said...

julie - It was a shocker. I expect at least a size of a bowl for a dessert like that...

Vivian - The bill turned out to be pretty reasonable, I think - pretty much similar to what I normally pay for yum cha. The pandas are cute!

Izzy - Hehe, the cakes at the end are definitely more my kind of dessert!! Yeah, I didn't really see the bad service that these reviews were mentioning, perhaps they've improved?

lovely pettit_mom - haha! That's why I never read food posts on an empty stomach :P

Pauline - Everything was pretty good!

Tina - xlbs are good, soupy and delicious!!

Betty - I think the markings are from the steamers being stacked on top of each other :(

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Its so funny how everyone compares XLB to DTF haha. Once the comparison is made, everyone understands :) lol