Thursday, 15 March 2012

Taste of Sydney 2012

After all this miserable weather we've been having lately, it was such a nice surprise when the sun came out to play for Taste of Sydney.  This year's event was held from the 9th to 11th of March - the Thursday session was cancelled due to the torrential rain on the previous night.

Getting there relatively early, meant the crowds hadn't arrived yet, so it was straight down to business ie: food first, and check out the endless stalls later!

First stop - Quarter Twenty One

Slow cooked and caramelised short rib with bone marrow persillade 

I enjoyed all the dishes I had when I went to the restaurant and this dish definitely did not disappoint either.

The Sake Restaurant stand

Hiramasa Kingfish ceviche - fresh and zingy flavours, which was lovely by this time of the day as the sun was scorching.

Longrain bar's signature cocktail - Ping Pong, a mixture of lychees and passionfruit pulp with Eristoff Vodka and fresh lime juice

Four in Hand's roast suckling pig with coleslaw and onion ring - wasn't the biggest fan of this dish, the coleslaw was very salty and the meat was missing the best part of roast pig (hello, crackling!)

Four in Hand's piggy

Montpellier's Eton Mess - fancy strawberries and cream, so good!

They had a lot more stalls compared to a few years ago...

Somehow got sucked into trying Absinth:

It burns!

73% with floaties... Mmmm

Honey @ Quarter Twenty One

Cute cupcakes

End of day refreshment at Pure Pops - so yum! This was watermelon, also tried the pineapple and coconut which was delicious. 


Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Your ceviche looked completely different to mine... I think they forgot the zing in mine :(

Jaztee said...

I love food festivals.. and stunning photos as always!

missklicious said...

Tina - Haha shame it wasn't consistent!

Jaztee - I love them too, a chance to try a lil bit of everything! Thank you :)