Sunday, 1 April 2012

Makan@Alice's - Thornleigh, Sydney

After hearing all the rave reviews over the past few years, I finally made the effort to make the trek to Thornleigh to try makan@Alice's

Situated in a quiet suburb minutes away from the station, there's not much around, so we heed the advice to get in early to avoid the queues, arriving around 12pm.  Luckily, I grab some of the pretty kuih on offer at the counter, because once we walk past the counter when leaving, most of it is gone. 

The Sunday special - Mee Reebus which is hokkien noodles in thick chicken & sweet potato gravy with prawn fritters, vege and egg

Figured that we should try their specials on offer, I thought this dish was interesting, I'm not sure I was a fan of the gravy, but that's just personal preference. 

I really enjoyed their char kway teow though, tasty rice noodles in thick soy sauce with seafood, egg, chives and sprouts. 

Popiah - one of their occasional specials, fresh spring rolls with yam bean, veges, egg and chinese sausage

My first time trying these and I thought they were pretty good

The usual Malaysian restaurant drink order of teh tarik 

Can never go past dessert and I can never resist the colourful and pretty ice kachang

Goodies to take home

kuih Angkoo - bright pink kuih filled with mung bean

Kuih onde onde

Coconut and pandan with a palm sugar filling

By the time we were leaving at 12:30pm, people were already putting their names down for a table as they were all taken, so get in early! 

ETA: Makan@Alices has now closed (relocating)

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♥ Denise ♥ said...

I just got back from sydney lol
the fried noodles look yum <3!

Beauty Snippets said...

One of my favourite Malaysian restaurants in Sydney :)

missklicious said...

Denise - Ooh, hope you had fun here!

Beauty Snippets - I'd have to agree that it's one of the best I've tried in Sydney :)

Adman0509 said...

I'll have to try this place next... :)

Cappucino said...

Wow, the bright pink desserts look amazing! I want to try the rice paper rolls, they look so good! I have an obsession with fresh rice paper rolls at the moment.. so much better than sushi!

chocolatesuze said...

love makan@alice! their assam laksa is a monthly special and is pretty damn awesome!

missklicious said...

Adam - For sure :)

Cappucino - rice paper rolls are always yummy, and relatively healthy too!

suze - Will have to make the trek out there to try!

Anonymous said...

It is now closed

missklicious said...

Thanks for advising! Have updated it :)