Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sage Dining Rooms - Gorman House, Canberra

One place I've been constantly meaning to try in Canberra is Sage Dining Rooms - with rave reviews, the week before my birthday seemed a good a time to try it out as any, as I had a Friday off work.

Situated at Gorman house, close to Civic in nearby Braddon, parking is easy to find out the front of the restaurant. The restaurant has a lovely little courtyard area with outside dining, which would be lovely on a nice day, however, we decide to stay inside as the clouds look indecisive. 

The menu is set out in a way where you can select 1, 2 3 or 4 course - we opt to choose 3 courses, and have a hard time deciding from all the tempting options on the menu!

Funky prints

Courtyard area

pork belly
melon, jamón serrano, pistachio, white balsamic

Gorgeous presentation, especially loved these refreshingly sweet melon balls that went so very well with the melt in the mouth pork belly. 

Check out the crackling... mmmm sweet crackling

chicken & squid
samphire, wild rice, rouille, chorizo

Perfectly cooked chicken matched with squid and chorizo.  The flavours worked well together.

king salmon
prawn, papaya, cucumber, soybean, vanilla

beef eye fillet
maple, soy, turnip, pearl onion, parsley

How cool is the potato crisp with the parsley? Almost too pretty to eat!

sour cherry cloud
chocolate, toasted coconut ice cream

Such pretty presentation! The sour cherry cloud was so fluffy and light with chocolate lining the bottom and a dollop of the coconut ice cream and surrounded dehydrated coconut. 

Peach & blackberry eton mess
honeycomb, lemon thyme olive oil ice cream

My favourite dessert out of the two - so fruity and the lemon thyme olive oil ice cream was really refreshing too.

Pretty pig in flowers

Could not fault this restaurant and I can see why it is so popular - loved the presentation, creativity and taste of every single dish I had, service was lovely and friendly - I want to go back and try the degustation next time. 
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Pauline - omgnoodles said...

I just approved your comment, but idk where it went on my blog. Anyways, thank you so much!! My brothers & I have been wondering what the name of that dessert was since we were little. Now I must wait for my aunt to visit, so she can teach me how to make it :D

Yuki said...

Time for me to get to sage again =)
Cherry cloud looks awesome =)
Thanks for the lovely post!

Food is our religion said...

I might be making a drop out to Canberra soon, the place looks interesting to check out!

William Jones said...

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