Universal - Darlinghurst, Sydney

Universal. This was one birthday dinner, back in March, that I was really looking forward to as I've heard rave reviews about the food, and the desserts, can't forget about the glorious desserts...

Hilarious cocktail list - with cocktail names such as 'Get in Cider', what's not to love?

Funky and colourful decor: 

Bitch slap cocktail

Geisha girl cocktail

Complimentary bread to start off the meal with

Olive oil

Sake time

As we ordered 2 savoury dishes each and it was a table of 12 - I missed out on the names of some of the following dishes, if any of the dining participants can remember, please shoot me a message! Thanks :)

Hiramasa kingfish sashimi, sweet grilled eel, shiso, finger lime, ginger sesame seaweed and yuzu jelly

Sichuan spiced duck, seared sea scallops, palm heart, smoked eggplant sambal

Air dried quail and pork sausage, biodynamic brown rice, avocado and green mango salad

Roasted rock flathead, crisp pork belly, garlic mushrooms, black pepper broth, gremolata

Grilled yellowfin tuna, roasted heiroom tomatoes, potato galette and spicy tomato jam

Sticky rice and salted duck egg cakes, coconut, pomelo and roasted cashew salad

The highlight of the night were definitely the gorgeous desserts, we happily ordered one of each dessert to share around the table of 12 (plus 1 more Gaytime to make up the numbers!) :

Universal's signature dessert - Gaytime goes nuts
Honeycomb ice cream, caramel parfair, chocolate crunch, salted hazelnut caramel

Loved this rendition of one of my favourite ice creams ever

Mocha bomb - valrhona araguani chocolate mousse, dates and espresso caramel, espresso ice cream

ménage à trois - roquefort mousse, walnut nougatine and candied cumquats

Definitely a dessert for lovers of blue cheese, for everyone else... it's an acquired taste. I happily passed this one on. 

The mains were interesting with a clear modern asian influence. I can't speak for the other dishes, but I did find that my savoury dishes lacked the 'wow' factor. The desserts definitely stole the show - absolutely loved them and would go back just for these alone. 

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wow i love your shots! hehe was such a fun dinner :)
MissPiggy said…
Looks like a great dinner...the desserts look amazing. I'd be interested to try the one with the blue cheese in it - was it overly strong do you think?
missklicious said…
Viv - Thanks! Shame I didn't take notes on all the dishes :(

MissPiggy - The desserts were so good!

I had a tiny taste of the blue cheese dessert and it was really strong! I don't particularly like the taste of blue cheese though. I think the only person that enjoyed it was the boy, but that doesn't say much, he tends to like all the weird, sometimes awful sounding dishes!!

I think it would be good if you really, REALLY love blue cheese
tastyfoodsnaps said…
theres so many dishes im wondering what it is lol. they all look so good! the spiced duck dish & the stick rice sound so yummy!
the food looks absolutely impeccable here! it's been on my list to go to for ages. dont know why i havent gone in yet :(