Bagan Burmese Restaurant

This is my first time at a Burmese restaurant, and it was off to Strathfield's Bagan Burmese Restaurant, located on The Boulevard. 

The menu is extensive with so many choices, I didn't really know where to start (though the pictures helped!)

Cold chicken noodle dish - This was interesting, though not to my taste as it was quite sour after a while, and a little strange. 

Fried rice - pretty standard dish, this version has strips of fish cake and prawns


Chicken curry - this was delicious, the curry was perfect for mopped up with the roti

I'm not sure how authentic this place is, but it does have a very 'home style' feel to it and the servings are decent sized. 

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joey@FoodiePop said…
Everything looks quite orange, but tempting though!
Not sure about the cold noodles. I prefer mine hot
missklicious said…
Does seem to look a little orange, must be the items we ordered!

I love hot noodles too, but cold ones can be refreshing on a hot summer's day :)