Wilbur's Place - Potts Point, Sydney

There's nothing better than a lazy and relaxing weekend brunch.  I've heard wonderful thing about Wilbur's Place in Potts Point - a casual, cosy hole in the wall joint with simple, good quality, fresh food. 

We grab a seat outside in the lovely sunshine and enjoy the weekend paper


Chicken liver pate, grape chutney and bread shards - this was delcared the best ever

Macleay valley suckling pig with sprouts and Bortolli beans - this was a hearty dish with plenty of delicious crackling. I really liked the pickled vegetables in this dish. 

And of course, I can't go past dessert - the toasted ice cream brioche with caramel. Delish :)

Great location for a weekend breakfast lunch, and prices are very reasonable too. They had some amazing looking filled brioches on the counter which I wouldn't mind going back for! 

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MissPiggy said…
I really want to go here too - I checked it out on my way to a work conference in Potts Point recently and it looked FANTASTIC!
tastyfoodsnaps said…
toasted brioche with icecream, YUM!
the pappardelle with ragu and mushrooms sounds like something id want to try here! :)
That pate looks fab! So smooth :D
missklicious said…
MissPiggy - It's a great spot and the food is simple but tasty

tastyfoodsnaps - It was yum! The pappardelle sounds awesome, but I think it might be a tough call after trying A Tavola's ragu.. Mmmm

Nic - It was delish!
really want to go! though i might wait until the weather gets warmer first.. looks like most of it is outdoor seating?
R. said…
What time during the day were you eating here? We may have crossed paths - I had lunch further down the laneway at Room 10.

I've been meaning to try this place for ages. It's just always so packed!

missklicious said…
Viv - A lot of it is outdoor seating, with limited indoor seats. Probably one to pop in the warmer weather list!

R - I think it was around 1 or 2 on a Saturday, this was a month or so ago! I got lucky I think, it wasn't that packed when I went!