Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Kitchen By Mike - Rosebery, Sydney

Having a car for the weekend for a road trip down to Canberra meant that I managed to try Kitchen By Mike, a place that I've been meaning to go to, but is a little bit inconvenient to get to by public transport. 

Inconspicuous entrance, had to do a double take before realising that this was where it was. Inside is an amazing transformed warehouse space - one side is the bustling cafe with rustic style, communal seating and on the other side is a space selling furniture and knick knacks.


Breakfast is a order off the blackboard menu affair, with a couple of extra offerings in the displays too - such as tempting looking meringues that I had my eye on.

We quickly order, as we are in a rush, nd are given this wooden table number

Rustic cutlery holders

Baked beans with bacon and poached egg - perfect comfort food for the cold, drizzly day it was

These were heavenly! Sourdough pancakes with lemon curd. I could've eaten spoonfuls of that delightful lemon curd!! Eating it with the pancakes was like eating soft and fluffy mouthfuls of lemon meringue pie.

Had a wander around after brekky:

They had all this cute wombat stuff <3

Knitted catcus

Stuff to take home

If I wasn't headed straight for Canberra, I would've picked up some of that lemon curd. So yum! 

Wish this was closer, as I'm keen to try out the canteen style lunch (menu changes daily)

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MissPiggy said...

I really like your photos - they show a different perspective to all the other posts I've seen. The front entrance looks cool.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Haha, I love that wombat but couldn't quite justify the purchase... :)

sugarpuffi said...

omg they have the cutest little nic nacs! carved wombats, sewn cactus...cuteness overload!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

I wanted to buy so many things when I was there! But a little pricey.. I saw the breakfast menu when I went for lunch and those pancakes sounded amazing, need to go back again

tastyfoodsnaps said...

the wombat really does look cute! >.<

missklicious said...

MissPiggy - Thanks! The place had a cool vibe to it, really enjoyed it!

Tina - Wombat was so cute! And they had a stuffed version on one of the beds, it was even cuter! He was called Bruce haha

sugarpuffi - The cactus were super cool!!

Viv - Me too, I had to refrain!! Haha, you need to go and try the pancakes!! soo yum

tastyfoodsnaps - hehe I know!! Wombats are so adorable

mashi said...

The lemon curd looks amazing, am totally going to put lemon curd on pancakes from now on. The baked beans, bacon and poached egg reminds me of Kazbah's brekky tagine :)

Jo Jo said...
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