Armchair Collective - Mona Vale, Sydney

Having to wake up early on a weekend to sign a lease all the way in Newport is made better when it's such a beautiful day with picture perfect blue skies. Naturally, I start trying to find a place nearby to have breakfast... we ask the real estate agent and she highly recommends 'The armchair place on Darley Street'

Wasn't sure what to expect, but thought it was definitely worth a shot from a local recommendation, and the initial impression didn't disappoint.  The place was packed which is always the first good sign.

After wandering back and forth trying to locate a seat, we finally found one and then had to figure out the ordering system - grab a menu and then go to the counter and order/pay and sit down with your table number.

Top marks for cafes  that do an all day brunch menu!

Oatmeal and buttermilk pancakes with caramelised banana and vanilla ricotta

Love the sweet berries and the vanilla ricotta added a nice touch

BRT - Bacon Rocket Tomato

A twist on the traditional BLT, this toasted sandwich has generous servings of bacon with rocket, tomato, chilli jam and aioli

And of course, a staple to any weekend breakfast - a much needed coffee

I couldn't help but peruse the shop, as they had so many cute bits and pieces all over the place:

You can see why they call it Armchair collective!

They even had a little makeshift floral section with gorgeous flowers for sale 

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MissPiggy said… Newport your new 'hood? Love the look of this cafe - the homewares are so cute.
missklicious said…
No way! Too far for me, the agent was in Newport so had to travel there to sign the lease
mashi said…
I thought you were moving to Newport as well so wanted to recommend 'The healthy Chef' at Avalon Beach to you. Serves amazing healthy food that tastes "unhealthy" haha

Good luck with the move dear :)
That is one satisfying, yummy brunch. And those bargain finds! =D
Trisha said…
The cafe (and shop) looks quite interesting and has alot of character! Mona Vale is beautiful
sugarpuffi said…
the pancake looks so good! and love the teapots
Tiago said…
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