Home Thai - Haymarket, Sydney

Home Thai has become somewhat of a regular favourite for a tasty and quick (besides the waiting in line) Thai food fix. 

Situated on Sussex street in Chinatown, Home seems to be busy constantly, and there is always a wait in line, though it tends to move quite fast. 

Longan drink

Iced Thai milk tea - I find that the overly sweet tea helps to curb the spiciness of some of the hotter dishes

Pad mamong hinmapan - stir fried chicken with chilli jam, cashew nut, onion, shallot, dried chilli, mushroom and oyster sauce

This is another default dish that I tend to veer towards, because I try and pick dishes that aren't too spicy. 

Pad C Ew - fresh rice sheet noodles wok tossed in a soy sauce with chinese broccoli and extra vegetables

Love a good thai noodle dish, and this is a great version with the delicious flat rice noodles and sweet soy.

Somtum - green papaya with garlic, chilli, tomato, green bean, dried shrimp, peanut, lime juice and palm sugar

Fresh spring roll - with crab meat,  cucumber, tofu, bean sprouts, egg, chinese sausage with sweet tamarind sauce

A really refreshing and tasty dish, however I do prefer Chat Thai's version better. 

Gang Dang Ped - roasted red duck curry with cherry eggplant, apple eggplant, basil, lime leaf, red chilli, pineapple, lychee and tomato

And the hightlight of the night...


Deep fried bread sticks with awesome pandan dipping sauce

Needs no description other than it was deep fried goodness

Peanut cake - this was the bf's choice, and turned out to be a waste of dessert space (in my opinion)

Delicious mango with 3 flavours of sticky rice, drizzled in coconut - delish!

I recommend going early and having dinner at a nanna-ish time (6pm) to beat the crowds for this popular place.

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sugarpuffi said…
omg the bread sticks and mango sticky rice are my favourites at home thai!
missklicious said…
Sooo yummy! One of the best mango + sticky rices I've tried