It's Chatime!

I seriously love my tea, with a huge stash at work and a overflowing selection at home too.  I have at least 2 cups a day at work, after my initial coffee hit in the morning, so I was pretty excited to be invited to see what happens behind the scenes at Chatime at Westfield Sydney. 

Chatime was launched in Australia in 2009, and compared to some of the other chains, offers a more authentic tea experience, using freshly brewed tea and high quality ingredients.  

I was especially impressed to find out that they use fresh Dairy Farmer's milk, not powder as I had assumed. 

Their new tea latte series

Interesting gadgets:

Tea brewer

Where all the brewed teas go, and are constantly refreshed every 4 hours or so

Pearls in the making

Fancy sealer gadget

After hearing about the brewing process each type of tea goes through, it was time to taste test!

We went from the lightest Brown rice green tea, which was a lovely blend of green tea and toasted brown rice to Assam black tea, the strongest in flavour.

Chatime's signature teas

Assam black tea - a special blend of quality Assam tea from India with the addition of locally grown Taiwanese Assam.  This combination of tea leaves creates a unique Taiwanese flavour, exclusively produced by Chatime tea specialists

Premium black tea - this premium black tea is grown around a famous place in Taiwan called Sun Moon Lake, and has a strong and intense flavour

Oolong tea - semi-fermented tea (meaning it has been exposed to oxygen for a short amount of time after the picking process, turning the leaves a lovely dark colour) It is strong and fragrant

Roasted tea - result produced half way between the process of making green tea and black tea, with the fresh leaves being baked or fried into the final product. 

Jasmine green tea - one of my favourite teas, it is green tea that is scented with jasmine flowers. Once the jasmine flowers have bloomed, they are layered over the tea leaves during the scenting process

Brown rice green tea - combination of green tea and toasted brown rice, it has a strong scented flavour with a milk roasted rice aftertaste. I've recently been drinking a lot of the Japanese version, genmaicha. 

After tasting all of the teas, it was onto the endless toppings!

My favourites are the chewy coconut jelly and the lychee jelly. So fun to eat! 

Tea latte machine, customised to produce a variety of teas by catering to the different water temperatures. It was interesting seeing the machine work like a coffee machine, but making tea instead!

cold Oolong tea latte - very refreshing, would have been perfect if it was a hot summer's day! 

The bf's eyes literally lit up at the mention of a special summer menu durian milk tea.  I was secretly hoping that it wasn't available as I find it pretty disgusting (to say the least) but unfortunately it was so popular, that it's still on the regular menu.  For all the durian lovers, apparently it's pretty good! 

I stuck with a more conventional choice of coconut milk tea (one of their top 10 most popular choices) and paired it with sago.  I loved this combo! It reminded me of the coconut and sago dessert, but with a subtle tea flavour. Highly recommend.

Grapefruit tea with lychee jelly - another top 10 choice, and it was great too, a nice alternative to the milk teas and not too sickly sweet. 

I won't be back for the durian milk tea, but there's so many more flavours and combos to try!

Thanks to Deahna from Horizon Communication Group and Jessica from Chatime


retrodaze said…
Omg I love Chatime!! You lucky duck, getting to go behind the scenes!
kerker said…
oh! awesome!! I'm going in a few weeks time!
Anonymous said…
How cool to get a personal tour!
Chatime is definitely a treat! I am amazed at how busy it gets... guess we all need our fix regularly ;)
missklicious said…
It was very cool! I normally don't even purchase anything from these places, but I really enjoyed their teas :)