Miss Chu Tuckshop - Regent Place, Sydney

There seems to be more and more great places popping up at Regent Place, to grab a quick bite to eat. Miss Chu, or the Queen of rice paper rolls, is a recent welcome addition to the previously bare underground area of Regent Place (now also home to Assembly Bar)

Miss Chu has really been springing up all over town, including the Opera House. Regent Place is a small little tuckshop with limited seating, but is in a great spot compared to the trek to their original Darlinghurst location.

They have these handy tick box menus, so you can peruse at your own leisure and hand it in at the counter when you're ready to order.  These are presumably to make ordering a lot easier when it gets busy at lunch time peak periods. 

Mr seagull

Lychee and Banana & mint shakes - refreshing!

Free range pork belly stew - a substantial meal with hearty chunks of pork and lots of fresh greens

And of course, dumplings galore:

I have to admit, these dumplings didn't taste as good as I thought the ones at the Darlinghurst branch did. 

Roast duck and banana flower rice paper rolls saved the day, these were fantastic! 

Desserts to finish off the meal: 

Coconut mousse in pandan leaf

Lychee tapioca pudding

A convenient place to grab a quick and delicious bite to eat.  I'll probably forgo the dumplings next time in favour of more rice paper rolls/specials board options instead though. 

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I think I know what I'm having for lunch today :P I've heard a lot of hype about Miss Chu... can't judge until I try it myself :)
Walked past here last night and I def want to head back! Looks great :D
Julie said…
oo that pork belly stew!!! just missing crispy skin :O
missklicious said…
Tina - I really enjoy the rice paper rolls, I think they live up to the hype

Nic - It's such a handy location! You should try :)

Julie - Oooh, crispy skin would be awesome!
i've been meaning to check this place out for a while! The lychee and banana shake sounds like a lovely combo :)