Muum Maam - Surry Hills, Sydney

I've been a bit slack with the posting lately! Rest assured, I've still been eating out, and there's many posts to come. 

What's not to love about a restaurant that calls itself Muum Maam, or Little Glutton? Sounds like my kind of restaurant! Tucked away on Holt street in Surry Hills, it's a full house on our visit on a Thursday night.
Pineapple fried rice with prawns, raisins and pork floss - a delish mixture of big, juicy prawns and sweet pineapple pieces
Cocktails time!! 

Caramel lychee caiprissma - a mix of fresh lychees, lemon, spanish white rum and scorched caramel and Ginger Highball - a Caribbean dark rum, mango liqueur, with fresh orange juice and ginger beer

Northern style crispy egg noodles and slow cooked beef curry - loved this creamy curry

Green papaya, tomato, lime, green bean and roasted peanut salad

What initially lured me to Muum Maam was seeing their dessert posts on Facebook... 

Monkey Balls - caramelised cashew surrounded by Messina's pandan and coconut gelato, coated in toasted coconut and white sesame

Gelato Messina? Hell yes!! 

Muum Maam is definitely one of the nicer thai places, offering some standard thai dishes, and some with a twist. All the dishes we tried were pretty fab, I'm keen to go back and try some more. 

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foodie said…
Who would have thought to serve rice with pork floss? You might have just intrigued my craving for pork floss with asian pancake (the one they serve at chef gallery have you tried? very simple dish but left me craving for more)!
Monkey Balls - too funny!
Anonymous said…
I love caramel and lychee but never would have thought of having them both in a cocktail together! Those crispy noodles look delicious too.
missklicious said…
Sparks in Spring - Haven't tried the Chef's Gallery dish, it sounds interesting though! Will have to give it a go next time i'm there :)

Tina - Hehe, I know!! Especially the way that's it set out on the plate :P

excusemewaiter - It was different, but nice! Almost dessert like.
Anonymous said…
Mmmm crispy egg noodles are one of my all time fave foods!

Gems x

Australian Fashion Review Blog
I know it's kitschy but I love fried rice served in a hollowed out pineapple .... :-)
missklicious said…
Gemma Davison - It especially went well with the creamy mussaman curry!

joey - I love it too!