Reuben Hills - Surry Hills, Sydney

When I heard all the rave reviews about the salted caramel milkshake at Reuben Hills, I knew I had to give it a try. Be prepared to join the never-ending queue on a Saturday afternoon for brunch - managed to nab a seat after around a 15 minute wait.

The menu at Reuben Hills is a South American inspired one, with tortillas, empanadas and jamon making an appearance. 

With the funky decor and convenient location, I can see why the place is so popular

Coffee is usually needed to function on a Saturday

The salted caramel shake definitely lived up to the hype.  This was so good, and I almost finished it before my meal even came. So addictive!

Soft baked eggs - with goat's curd, wilted spinach, ranchero sauce and rye sourdough

Soft corn tortillas - with chicken and lime

This was my dish. My thoughts - not that pretty, but it was still nice. 

The highlight for me was hands down the salted caramel shake. I didn't think my dish was anything amazing, though the soft baked eggs received a thumbs up. 

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kerker said…
wow this place looks good! must go when i visit sydney!
try the not reuben next time, i thought that was real delicious same with the espresso shake ^^
i need me some of those baked eggs, stat! looks absolutely deeeeeeeelicious!
Oh those baked eggs look great!!
Sushi said…
The caramel shake sounds amazing. Putting that on my things to try list ;) x Sushi
panda said…
i'm liking the sound of the salted caramel milkshake :)
missklicious said…
kerker - ooh, when are you visiting sydney?

viv - makes sense to try their namesake! will do next time I'm there :)

tina - delicious comfort food!!

nic - they were delish!

sushi & panda- I loved the shake, and finished it it no time
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