Toraya - Chatswood, Sydney

It had been a busy weekend last weekend, hauling small pieces of furniture and endless bags of shoes, clothes, random bits and pieces I have somehow accumulated over time.  

By the end of Saturday night, we were exhausted so tried to pick somewhere close by.  Unfortunately Ryo's in Crows Nest was unexpectedly closed, so instead we just decided to pop into Toraya the Mandarin Centre at Chatswood. 

It was fairly busy when we showed up around 8pm and we had to wait around 15 minutes for a table.  The restaurant space is quite large, and there were a lot of large family groups. 

Selection of Japanese cocktails

Mentai potato salad - always love creamy Japanese potato salad! A nice mix between mashed potato and potato salad.  Interesting presentation with the two balls though *giggles*

Complimentary seaweed salad 


This is the before shot.  Trust me when I say you don't want to see the AFTER shot, it was truly disgusting. That brown offensive blog down the bottom is natto - I tried the tiniest bit and cannot say I enjoyed it... 

I assume this is an acquired taste and you have to have grown up with it to enjoy ie: vegemite for Aussies

This on the other hand, I thought was rather cute presentation. It's basically sushi, packaged in layers, with plenty of sashimi and rice underneath

Teriyaki chicken - generous portion of chicken and also comes with rice and miso soup

A nice Japanese restaurant to go to if you live north don't want to venture too far. If you have any recommendations for good north shore eats, please let me know!

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We're so glad you liked the food at Toraya. There are other restaurants that you can try at Mandarin Centre and they're just as good as Toraya's as well! Would love to see you back at Mandarin Shopping Centre!

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