Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hana Ju-rin - Crows Nest, Sydney

I've been having fun checking out all the places to eat around the Neutral Bay and Crow's Nest area lately.  

One of places I've recently checked off my to-try-list is Hana Ju-rin, located within the cluster of Japanese restaurants on the Pacific Highway strip. Hana Ju-Rin was opened in 2010 to cope with the demand of it's original restaurant, Ju-Rin, located just a few shops down the road.

Arriving early on a weeknight, the restaurant was booked out so we were offered seats at the sushi counter, which I really enjoyed as I had front row seats to all the sushi making action, plus I was seated to these super fragrant and pretty flowers!

Assorted sushi (Small) - super fresh and watched the sushi chef work his magic

From the specials menu - Stuffed zucchini flowers

9 kinds of Japanese appetizers - Loved the pretty presentation of this, the dishes included seaweed salad with white sesame, duck, croquettes, tempura, abalone, eel and daikon. 

This was another dish from the specials menu - Grilled eel

Yakisoba omelette - This reminded me of omurice, but with fried noodles underneath the perfectly teppanyaki cooked omelette

Cherry blossom rice cake - A traditional Japanese dessert, served warm with a very floral and fragrant aroma

Ice cream tempura with berry sauce

I've read that they do a good okonomiyaki, so I will be definitely trying that next time!

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chocolatesuze said...

that tray of appetizers looks great! love trying a bit of everything!

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Ju-Rin is one of my faves. Must try Hana

jack said...

oh I really like Hana Ju-rin! Those zucchini flowers look good! I miss sakura mochi, haven't had one in a while.... must go back soon :)

tastyfoodsnaps said...

crows nest is abit of a trek for me but the tray of appetizers looks so worth it!

missklicious said...

suze - I love being able to try a bit of everything too!

Nic - I should get around to trying the original too - judging by Hana, it will be good :)

jack - I really like it too - all the dishes we had were consistently good

tastyfoodsnaps - worth the trek for some good Japanese food!