Ryo's - Crows Nest, Sydney

After hearing all the rave reviews about the ramen at Ryo's for years, I've been wanting to try it - unfortunately, every time I've attempted to, it's been closed. 

Now that I can walk there from home, I can visit anytime! I went for a lazy weekend lunch, showing up just past 12 to a queue. Even though the store is tiny, you can't miss the bright orange red exterior.

In addition to giving you the menu, the items are plastered on the wall throughout the restaurant. 

Giant pork bun 

Tonkotsu ramen - ramen in salt flavoured pork soup with roast pork, shallots and sesame seeds

Because everything is better with corn (savoury dishes only though, not dessert)

I loved my ramen - the soup was flavoursome and hearty, the meat was tender and a generous portion too. 

Cold dipping noodles with roast pork, egg, bamboo shoots and nori

Dipping sauce

Hailed as a strong contender for the best ramen in Sydney, I'd say it makes a pretty strong case.  Where do you guys think the best ramen is?

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Missy Piggy said…
Looks good - I love those eggs that are used on top of Ramen. Nice.
I read the first couple of lines and I thought you said that Ryo's had closed! haha talk about jumping the gun. I've heard heaps of good things about this place. It's just a little too far for me to make the trek :(