Bitter Sweet Cafe & Sobremesa - Taipa, Macau

Bitter Sweet cafe in Taipa, Macau is famous for their Serradura cake - a popular Portuguese dessert made with Marie biscuits, that is sometimes known as 'saw dust cake' due to the crushed biscuit layers.

The cafe is located on the busy main strip of Taipa with endless restaurants, cafes and shops selling the usual fare in Macau such as meat jerky, almond biscuits and Portuguese tarts.

Bittersweet cafe has quite a few different selections of tea and coffee, in addition to the regular offerings 

Dessert menu

Blueberry iced latte - this sounded appealing on the menu, but really didn't translate very well. 

Iced Macau coffee

The famous Serradura cake - it was light, layered and fluffy, with the biscuit giving an extra dimension

More desserts - I had no room for it, but the fresh cheese cake looked pretty good! 

Bitter Sweet Cafe
92 Rua Do Cunha
Taipa, Ilhas, Macau
Ph: +853 2883 0289


I've never actually heard of that cake before. It definitely looks like a treat with the layers. What does it taste like exactly?
missklicious said…
Tina - It doesn't seem to exist in Australia, I'd never seen it before either! It tastes very light and creamy, a mixture of really fine digestive like biscuits + cream