Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sage Restaurant - Braddon, Canberra

One of my favourite restaurants in Canberra is Sage Restaurant, award winning fine dining that is always impeccable.

We start off with some complimentary sourdough, baked in house

paired with delicious house churned sun-dried tomato butter 

Negroni - Tanqueray 10, Dolin Rouge Vermouth, Campari

Cider braised pork belly - boudin noir, apple, crackling

Perfectly cooked pork with crackling that is such a pleasure to eat.

Cured ocean trout - horseradish meringue, fennel, leek, lemon, hazelnut

Such fresh and delicate flavours.

Pan roasted snapper - white bean & smoked bacon cassoulet, bbq prawn, carrot

I'm not usually a fan of beans, but these were fantastic, especially with the smoky bacon.

Whisky smoked beef - garlic, mustard, watercress, mushroom

Childhood memories - vanilla rice pudding, strawberry and rose, almond crunch

This was a very pretty rice pudding, with candied roses and super sweet strawberries

Electric citrus - pound cake, kalamansi curd, marshmallow, lemon sorbet

This is my kind of dessert - fruity and tangy. It was tart, balanced with the sweet pillowy clouds of marshmallows.

Highly recommend this restaurant to anyone that visits Canberra (actually, I have a whole list of favourite places, but this is definitely up the top!) 

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